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  • Features of OBD Diagnostic Tool for Internet of Vehicles
    December 03, 2020
    What’s the feature of obd diagnostic tool for internet of vehicles (IOV)? In order to make reader get the point easily, we hereby make a comparison for ordinary Bluetooth OBD2 code reader and OBD diagnostic tool for IOV. They are mainly different in hardware, software, data transmission and function. In general, ordinary trouble code reader is simple and auto diagnostic tool for IOV is more complicated. DTC code reader is mainly for personal and DIY application. But obd-ii diagnostic tool is for special application and centralized management. Bluetooth trouble code reader is with short transmission distance but IOV diagnostic tool is for remote use. Mini obdii code reader is with simple function and IOV vehicle diagnostic tool is with various functions.
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  • Operation Instruction of V311B Auto Battery Diagnostic Tool
    December 10, 2019
    This operation instruction is for Fiberall V311B auto battery tester and diagnostic tool. The diagnostic tool is for vehicle with 12V battery and the article tell user what should be prepared before test. It introduce each part of the battery diagnostic tool and help the user know the meaning of each press key. Main parameters makes user know basic information of the diagnostic tool. The main content of the article is to tell the user how to operate each function, including battery test, start test, charging test, setting of diagnostic tool, buzzer switch, screen capture settings, diagnostic tool self-test, print. Each part is with detail description and screenshot, user is able to operate the battery diagnostic tool easily with following of this article. User can find user manual with the same content of this article in the package of V311B auto battery tester and diagnostic tool.
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  • After Sales Service Approach for OBD Code Reader
    October 15, 2018
    This article introduce how to get after sales service from Fiberall Technology for obd2 code reader, auto diagnostic tool, obd scan tool, obd-II diagnostic cable, truck conversion cable, obd adapter. Only products bought from Fiberall directly is applicable to Fiberall after sale policy. During warranty period, user can hand over problem about obdii diagnostic tool, trouble code reader, auto diagnostic cable or other products on working time. Phone call, email, online are acceptable, different way can be used for different situations like urgent problem, serious and complicated problem, simple problem. Fiberall after-sale team will deal with it in the first place. For simple problems, Fiberall strives to provide solutions within 24 hours, for complex problem, Fiberall technology strives to provide solutions within 48 hours. If it is simple question about installation and setting of the obd code reader, user can refer to related instruction and tip on the website or video on YouTube.
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  • After-sales Policy for Fiberall Auto OBD Diagnostic Tool
    June 25, 2019
    Fiberall provide 12 months warranty for all our auto diagnostic tools and related products. Object of warranty must be purchased in bulk from formal channel of Fiberall. Buyer have right to request free warranty service in case of non-artificial reason failure within one year from the date of receiving. But damage caused by dismantling and repairing without permission or authorization, damage caused by improper use or maintenance, intentional damage, accidental damage, damage caused by force majeure and so on, Fiberall will disqualify the warranty for the obd diagnostic tool. Please hand over complain to us according to the listed process. We provide replacement or maintenance for the diagnostic tool accordingly to different situation and the car diagnostic tool will be retuned to user as soon as the problem is solved. As a professional manufacturer of auto diagnostic tool, Fiberall will continue to provide you with the best products and services.
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