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After-sales Policy for Fiberall Auto OBD Diagnostic Tool

Warranty Product Range

All products produced and sold by our company, including independent brands (OBM), OEM products and ODM products. Including Auto Diagnostic Scanner Tool, OBD Trouble Code Reader, Automotive Battery Tester, OBD-II Conversion Cable, Auto Diagnostic Cable, Truck Diagnostic Cable, OBD Adapter and Connector and so on.


Warranty Terms for Car OBD Diagnostic Tool

1) The object of warranty must be products which are purchased in bulk from formal channel of Fiberall (with contract) ; for products purchased from third-party, agent, retailer, etc., the request must be submitted to the third-party, agent, retailer channel etc., then the third-party, agent, retailer will submit the warranty request to Fiberall. If the requested warranty product is not purchased directly from our company, or the requested warranty product is not our product (counterfeit), the warranty request will not be accepted;

2) If the received products are wrong or with quality problems (non-artificial reason) within seven days after arrival the products, buyer is allowed to request replacement or warranty service;

3) Within one year from the date of receiving, consumers have right to request free warranty service in case of non-artificial reason failure;

4) In case of non-man-made failure during the warranty period, consumers is allowed to request free replacement and maintenance service at the original purchase place or the place designated by Fiberall Technology;

5) If the diagnostic tool failure comes out when it is out of warranty, consumers can enjoy paid repair or replacement service at the original purchase place or place designated by Fiberall.


Warranty Restrictions of OBD2 Diagnostic Tool & Code Reader

Please check the user manual or operation guide carefully before using or testing the product. If you have any questions about any part (diagnostic tool or code reader, accessories, test equipment, operation instructions etc.), please consult clearly first.

The following warranty restrictions apply to the main device and all accessories, and Fiberall will disqualify the warranty:

1) Dismantling and repairing without permission or authorization of Fiberall Technology;

2) Damage or abnormal function caused by modifying the operating system of the diagnostic tool without authorization of Fiberall;

3) Damage caused by improper use or maintenance that is not in accordance with the instructions;

4) Display screen, master cable or other parts of the auto diagnostic tool are intentionally damaged during use;

5) Damage caused by water, oil or other liquid infiltration or immersion, accidental damage, intentional damage or abnormal function caused by improper use of the user;

6) Using incorrect cable, adapter and connectors (such as wrong voltage, power strip, charger etc.);

7) For product which is out of warranty, users need to pay for maintenance according to the specific situation;

8) The warranty certificate does not match the product model or the warranty certificate is altered;

9) Damage caused by force majeure (such as fire, earthquake, lightning, etc.);

10) Other non-warranty situations stipulated by law.


Warranty Method (Process) for Car OBD Diagnostic Tool

1. Problem feedback: feedback in written form (e-mail, document or fax), providing screenshots, photos or videos and problem descriptions of the auto diagnostic tool;

2. Problem acceptance: fill in the form internally and submit it for review;

3. Problem confirmation: confirm the problem and provide solutions;

4. Product recall: if the recalled products need to be repaired, Fiberall Technology will provide the delivery address and shipping instructions;

5. Product return: after reparation, send the product back to the user.


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