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  • [Processes] ODM Process Flow for OBD Trouble Code Reader
    This article mainly focuses process for mini type obd trouble code reader. It will help buyer who plan to order customized obd code reader from Fiberall Technology more clear about the process. Before order, consult to Fiberall sales and get product information, quotation and sample for evaluation. If Fiberall trouble code reader is considerable, provide your detailed requirement to us. Details should include Bluetooth or WiFi Name, MAC address, Pair Code, Color, Label, User Manual, Packing etc. so that our sales can check availability and final cost. If there is no problem with all conditions, buyer and seller will sign sales contract and purchase order. And the production of obd2 code reader will start after payment or deposit. The production process will involve the following process: 1, Engineering setting of name, mac address, pair code; 2, Outsourcing of customized material; 3, Production, assembly, testing, quality control; 4, Shipping.
  • [Cases] ODM Demonstration for Handheld Auto OBD Diagnostic Tool
    Fiberall does not provide OBM or standard neutral automotive diagnostic tools only. ODM customized service for vehicle diagnostic tools is also available. We mainly specialize in three type of automobile diagnostic tools. 1, Mini type OBD code reader (Bluetooth type, Wi-Fi type, USB type); 2, Handheld type obdii diagnostic scan tool ( DTC code reader, diagnostic scanner, battery tester etc.); 3, Pad type comprehensive automotive diagnostic equipment. This article mainly focuses on OEM service of handheld auto diagnostic tools. And takes V311A as sample. Fiberall provide various customized features for the car diagnostic tool. Including label, housing, obd2 cable, obd connector, press key, user manual, packing and so on.
  • [Customization Issues] How to Make Customized Logo Print for OBD Scanner & Code Reader
    Customized logo and print is an very important customized features for obd scanner and obd code reader. Most of customized order appoint logo or print content. In order to make our customers have a full understanding of customized logo and print, we hereby introduce it as below.
  • [Customization Issues] Fiberall Mini OBD-II Code Reader ODM &OEM Solutions Overview
    Fiberall Technology is a Chinese manufacturer specialized in auto diagnostic tools, OBD trouble code reader, OBD data logger, car conversion cable, truck extension cable, OBD connector and conversion adapter and so on.Our factory is located in Shenzhen and we have over 10 years’ experience on ODM an
  • [Cases] ODM Content Introduction of Fiberall Mini Type OBD Code Reader
    1, Bluetooth name or WIFI name:Easy for recognition and pairing operation. 2, MAC address:Media Access Control Address , available for both WiFi and Bluetooth, the first 6 digits can be customized. 3, Pair code:Our default pair code is 1234 or 0000, if you do not want to use the default one, you ca

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