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ODM Process Flow for OBD Trouble Code Reader

ODM OBD Code Reader

In order to provide better pre-sale service to customer who has ODM requirement. Fiberall made this ODM flow chart. It is suitable for all mini obd trouble code reader, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB type.


Process Before Order of OBD2 Code Reader

1, Enquiry: Buyer send requirement to us. We will arrange sales person to contact buyer.

2, Selection (product or solution): Fiberall sales will recommend corresponding obd-ii code reader or solution to buyer according to received requirement. Or provide catalogue or product list of trouble code reader for buyer’s comparison and selection.

3, Communication: Our sales will check details about the obd code reader with buyer. Including specification, compliant obd-ii protocols, compatible operation system and application, functions, color, label, packing etc. As for customized items, buyer should confirm color, pin definition, shape, label, print and so on in advance.

4, Quotation: Quote the obdii fault code reader according to the communication details. Buyer should confirm trade term, delivery address, shipping way, documents required at this stage.

5, Sample: If there are unclear details which need to check or evaluate sample for confirmation, buyer can request sample.

6, Sample Confirmation: Please consult to our sales if you and have any problem or question during testing and evaluation. We will try our best to make buyer has a comprehensive understanding of the trouble code reader.

7, Confirm Final Requirement: Our sales will confirm with the buyer again if there is new requirement. Or if there are other features which was not clear before.

8, Process Final Requirement: If the sample of the DTC code reader meets requirement of buyer. And all requirements are clear. Our sales will finalize all details for buyer’s confirmation. The details includes but not limit to:

Bluetooth/WiFi Name

MAC address

Pair code 



Print content

Pin definition


Process After Order of OBDii Trouble Code Reader

1, Purchase Order: For formal order, signed PO and sales contract, Invoice;

2, Payment: Pay according to the agreed way on the order.

3, Engineering Setting: Our technical department will process on customized features. Like Bluetooth/WiFi Name, MAC address, Pair Code, Pin definition;

4, Design Draft: Our art designer will make design for the print content, label, user manual, packing for buyer’s confirmation. Or provide by the buyer.

5, Make ODM Sample: As for customized obdii trouble code reader, we will make sample to confirm before formal production.

6, Customer Confirmation: we will take photo or video for buyer’s confirmation as soon as the customized sample is finished.

7, Rejection: If the customized sample cannot meet buyer’s requirement, buyer have right to reject it and request for new sample.

8, Send ODM Sample 1: If the customized sample of the DLC code reader need confirm with the buyer. We will arrange shipment as soon as it comes out.

9, Revision/Improvement: Fiberall will revise and improve the new sample of the engine code reader. The revision is according to the feedback for the previous customized sample.

10, Send ODM Sample 2: Send the new sample to buyer for confirmation again.

11, ODM Sample Confirmation: If the second sample of the car code reader is acceptable, we will go to formal production process.

12, Outsourcing: It is for components, raw materials, customized label, packing and some customized parts. It will take some time to outsource, and this a part that takes a long time.

13, QC: Quality control for raw material, semifinished pcb, semifinished communication module, label, color, packing material etc.


Production Process for Ordered OBD-II Fault Code Reader

1, Production: Soldering and assembling or other special process;

2, Testing: Connection, function, and age and so on

3, Quality Control: Production process, finished fault code reader, packing and so on.

4, Packing: Label, inner packing, outer packing.


Final Process for Ordered DTC Code Reader

1, Warehouse: Finished auto trouble code reader will be back to warehouse for record.

2, Shipping: Booking, prepare documents, arrange collection and shipment. And notify the buyer with detail and documents, transportation tracking.

3, After-Sale: 12month warranty, technical support.


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