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After Sales Service Approach for OBD Code Reader

In order to improve service quality and response speed, and make customers satisfied with our service, Fiberall technology provides the following after-sales service channels for our customers:


1 Service Objects

Customers who directly signed contracts with Fiberall technology to purchase our products in bulk. Excluding retail customers and other customers who bought through agents, third-party platforms, etc., as well as pre-sales services are not the service objects mentioned in this article. If you need help, please contact agents, third-party platforms or refer to our website relevant supporting articles.

Specific products include mini obd code reader, handheld auto diagnostic tool, auto battery tester, auto diagnostic cable, obd2 cable, truck conversion cable, obd adapter and so on.

And the products which is consistent with those situation listed in warranty  restrictions will be refused. Please refer to warranty restrictions in “After-sales Policy for Fiberall” for more details.


2 Service Period for OBD2 Code Reader

Within 12 months from the arrival date of cargo. Please keep all related documents and emails which can indicate the exact date during the warranty, so that we can check and compare in case of necessary. Product which is out of warranty will be applicable to paid service.


3 Fiberall After Sales Service Time

Normal working hours in China, 9:00-18:00 (UTC/GMT+08:00 Beijing time)

Due to the time difference, we may not be able to check or handle your complaint on the same day. We will check your information at the first time.


4 After-sale Service Channels for OBD-II Trouble Code Reader

(1) Telephone: in case of emergency, please call the relevant sales personnel or technical support personnel for immediate processing;

(2) Online mode: for simple or single problem, please prepare the description, screenshots, photos, videos and other materials that can clearly explain the problems, contact us online, and we will submit them to the relevant departments for timely treatment;

(3) Email: for serious, complex or a case with many problems, please prepare the relevant problem description, screenshots, photos, videos and other materials that can clearly explain the problem, send email to us, and we will fill complaint form and submit to the relevant departments for timely handling.


5 Timeliness of After-sales Service

Generally, corresponding reply will be given within 24 hours after receiving the complaint. Due to the time difference, it is not guaranteed to give a reply on the day of receiving the feedback. For simple problems, Fiberall strives to provide solutions within 24 hours, for complex problem, Fiberall technology strives to provide solutions within 48 hours.

And we are not available on public holidays, including New Year's day, Spring Festival, May Day, National Day, and some traditional festivals such as Tomb-sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.


We already prepared many operation instructions and tips for the obd code reader and other auto diagnostic tools on the website, if it is simple operation like installation, setting problem and you cannot reach us in time, you can refer to related articles to see if there is same problem and solution. And you also can check if there is operation video on our page of YouTube. To solve your problems and ensure your rights and interests is consistent efforts of Fiberall after-sales team.


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