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Operation Instruction of V311B Auto Battery Diagnostic Tool

Compatibility of the Battery Diagnostic Tool

V311B 12V auto battery tester is suitable for 12V automobile starting battery, working voltage is DC9 ~ 18V, please do not use this tool to check other series of battery. The voltage value will be higher when the battery is fully charged under normal conditions. Turn on the headlamp for 2-3 minutes, and then check the battery after the voltage drops to the normal value. Do not use or store this auto battery test tool in high temperature, high humidity, inflammable, explosive and explosive environment.


Description of the Car Battery Diagnostic Tool


①LCD display - Display the detection result.

②Back button

③OK button

④Scroll up button

⑤Scroll left button

⑥Scroll right button

⑦Scroll down button

⑧Battery test connector - connect the product to the battery end of the vehicle


Specification Description of V311B 12V Battery Test Tool

Display:240*320pixel display

Operating Temperature:-20 to 60℃

Storage Temperature:-20 to 70℃

External Power:12V


Support Language:English, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Spanish, polish, Russian


Battery Test

There are two test modes for battery capacity test, standard test and fast test

For battery test, connect the red clip to the positive pole of the battery and the black clip to the negative pole of the battery. The  battery diagnostic tool will automatically supply power and prepare for the test.

If you test the battery in the vehicle, do not insert the key or keep it in the off position.

Ensure all electrical equipment and door closing equipment are working.

Enter the battery test interface and select test mode


Select the standard test mode, enter the interface, select the battery type, and press the OK button to continue:


Press the OK button to select the mode and select the correct battery model:


Press the "OK" button to continue to input the rated current CCA:500 CCA Use the up and down key to enter the correct CCA value.


Press the "OK" button to continue to display the test result information.


Start Test


Select the start test interface, press the Enter key on the battery diagnostic tool to enter the test interface, and turn on the key to start the engine at the same time, and display the waveform diagram of the minimum and maximum voltage values of the test results


Charging Test

Select the start test interface and press the enter button to enter the test interface.

According to the requirements, turn on the headlamp for about 3 seconds, then turn it off, and keep the engine speed above 2500


Press the OK button to enter the test interface.


After starting the test, wait about 2 seconds to display the test result information


Battery waveform display, display the minimum and maximum voltage value, can be synchronized monitoring and battery waveform analysis.


Setting of the Diagnostic Tool

Enter the settings, select the information to be set and enter the interface information


Enter the language setting interface and select the required language according to the up and down buttons


Buzzer Switch

Enter the buzzer selection interface and press the enter button to select whether to "on" or "off"


Screen Capture Settings

To enter the screen capture interface, it must be a combination of up and down buttons. Press the key to add or cancel, and press the confirm key to save the picture information;


Diagnostic Tool Self-test

Press the OK button to enter the tool self-test interface, screen display and key test.



Display software and hardware version information of the battery diagnostic tool



Note: the printing function must be under the condition that the product has saved the screen capture picture.

Connect the type-C interface of the battery diagnostic tool with the computer, the computer will automatically install the driver, enter the printing interface, select the picture, press the OK button to enter the printing, select the picture information on the computer to complete the printing.



1.Keep printing this interface;

2.A removable disk will appear when connected to the computer via a USB cable;

3.Copy pictures from the picture folder to your computer for printing.


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