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Features of OBD Diagnostic Tool for Internet of Vehicles

What’s the difference between ordinary Bluetooth OBD code reader and OBD diagnostic scan tool for IOV? They can be compared by the following points :


1, Hardware

The core module of Bluetooth OBD trouble code reader is OBD module and Bluetooth module. The core of OBD used in Internet of Vehicles (IOV) is different modules. Like OBD module, GPS module, GSM module, 3D sensor module, acceleration sensor and so on. Depends on different application. The former is relatively simple, and the latter is more complicated.


2, Software

Car Bluetooth OBD2 fault code reader has only one mobile phone software. It is more simple. Automobile IOV OBD-II diagnostic tool is with different software according to different application. Like mobile phone APP, 4S store customer management platform, enterprise version of vehicle management software etc..


3, Data Transmission

To connect with the mobile phone Bluetooth transmission data, Bluetooth OBD data logger must be inserted in the car. And user has to sit inside the car then can use the DTC code reader. The data transmission of Internet of Vehicles OBDii device is with remote diagnosis system. It transmits by GSM and GPRS and it is spatial transmission. The owner does not have to sit in the vehicle to use APP.


4, Function

Bluetooth OBD2 code reader can only collect OBD data by Bluetooth transmission. But IOV car diagnostic tool can obtain data or other functions remotely.

OBD diagnostic tool for internet of vehicles has many interactive services. Such as:

1) GPS positioning;

2) Track query;

3) Security alarm;

4) Physical examination;

5) OBD fault alarm;

6) Driving behavior analysis;

7) Peripheral query;

8) Violation query;

9) Maintenance reminder;

10) 4S shop service, etc.


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