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OBD-II Code Reader

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  • Jan 29, 2021

    What is a obd-ii code reader?

    What is a obd-ii code reader?Obd-ii code reader is the second generation of on-board self-diagnostic equipment requirements for light and medium vehicles. On-board diagnostic functions have been integrated into the hardware and software of the vehicle’s on-board computer to monitor every component t

  • Sep 10, 2019

    ODM Process Flow for OBD Trouble Code Reader

    This article mainly focuses process for mini type obd trouble code reader. It will help buyer who plan to order customized obd code reader from Fiberall Technology more clear about the process. Before order, consult to Fiberall sales and get product information, quotation and sample for evaluation. If Fiberall trouble code reader is considerable, provide your detailed requirement to us. Details should include Bluetooth or WiFi Name, MAC address, Pair Code, Color, Label, User Manual, Packing etc. so that our sales can check availability and final cost. If there is no problem with all conditions, buyer and seller will sign sales contract and purchase order. And the production of obd2 code reader will start after payment or deposit. The production process will involve the following process: 1, Engineering setting of name, mac address, pair code; 2, Outsourcing of customized material; 3, Production, assembly, testing, quality control; 4, Shipping.

  • Oct 15, 2018

    After Sales Service Approach for OBD Code Reader

    This article introduce how to get after sales service from Fiberall Technology for obd2 code reader, auto diagnostic tool, obd scan tool, obd-II diagnostic cable, truck conversion cable, obd adapter. Only products bought from Fiberall directly is applicable to Fiberall after sale policy. During warranty period, user can hand over problem about obdii diagnostic tool, trouble code reader, auto diagnostic cable or other products on working time. Phone call, email, online are acceptable, different way can be used for different situations like urgent problem, serious and complicated problem, simple problem. Fiberall after-sale team will deal with it in the first place. For simple problems, Fiberall strives to provide solutions within 24 hours, for complex problem, Fiberall technology strives to provide solutions within 48 hours. If it is simple question about installation and setting of the obd code reader, user can refer to related instruction and tip on the website or video on YouTube.

  • Oct 30, 2015

    OBD Manufacturer Fiberall Awarded High-tech Enterprise Title

    Fiberall technology is engaged in R&D and production of mini obd2 code reader and handheld OBD-II diagnostic tool in the past years. We are recognized as a national high-tech enterprise by relevant government departments recently due to our considerable achievements in auto diagnostic technology, new obd diagnostic products and intellectual property. It is recognized by the state in terms of innovation, research and development and will further promote the process of independent innovation and R&D of the company. In the past years, Fiberall already obtained a number of independent patents or copyrights in software, hardware, appearance design and we will continue to enhance our technology development in the future.


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