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OBD Manufacturer Fiberall Awarded High-tech Enterprise Title

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Fiberall is a manufacturer who specializes in OBD code readers, OBD scanners, auto diagnostic tools, vehicle diagnostic cables etc. And now Fiberall is a national high technology enterprise. Why Fiberall awarded the title? This article will explain it to you in detail. Here are the content list:

1, Background of OBD Manufacturer Fiberall

2, Reasons for Awarding Title of High-tech Enterprise

3, Significance of This Honor to Fiberall Technology

4, Acknowledgements from High-tech Enterprise


Background of OBD Manufacturer Fiberall

Fiberall is an enterprise that independently develops and produces automotive OBD diagnostic products. Since its establishment, Fiberall has been committed to the research, invention and improvement of OBD products. Main products includes mini obd code reader, handheld auto diagnostic tool, car battery tester and so on. After more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, the company's R&D team becomes very mature. And Fiberall already have a number of independent patents or copyrights in software, hardware, appearance design and App. Recently, the company awarded national high-tech enterprise title. Fiberall awarded the title according to the relevant provisions of the administrative measures for the identification of high-tech enterprises.  As well as guidelines for the management of the identification of high-tech enterprises. And Fiberall already received the certificate of "national high-tech enterprise" jointly issued by the following government organs:

1, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee

2, Shenzhen Finance Committee

3, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau

Thus Fiberall technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd officially entering the ranks of national high-tech enterprises.


Reasons for Awarding Title of High-tech Enterprise

In the past years, Fiberall have made considerable achievements in mini obd2 code reader and handheld OBD2 diagnostic tool. And obtained a number of design and software design patents. The identification of high-tech enterprises is a comprehensive evaluation and identification of technology capacity. And the evaluated content includes:

1, Independent intellectual property rights;

2, Transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements;

3, Organization and management level of research and development;

4, Growth indicators and talent structure of the company.

So it is not easy to get the precious title. It needs to screen layer by layer, and the examination & assessment is quite strict. But Fiberall technology finally got it. Which shows that the company has been recognized by the state in terms of innovation, research and development.


Significance of This Honor to Fiberall Technology

The national high-tech enterprise title will further promote the process of independent innovation and R&D of the company. And it will also be a milestone in the development history of our company. In the future, Fiberall technology will keep adhering to the concept of "constantly strive for perfection, quality first". And continue to cultivate high-quality talent team to provide a fundamental guarantee for independent innovation. Pay more attention to independent innovation of OBD2 diagnostic tool and protect intellectual property rights of OBD-II code reader. And enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Continue to increase investment in scientific research to enrich the aftereffect of enterprise innovation and development. Further strengthen the company's ability of technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. So as to ensure the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the company. And we will strive to become the backbone of auto diagnosis industry.


Acknowledgements from High-tech Enterprise

We hereby express our gratitude to the relevant government departments for their trust in our company. At the same time, we would also like to express special appreciation to our R&D team and IP management team. For all their efforts and contributions to the company's new technologies, new designs, new products and new patents. We hope that we can make persistent efforts in the future and work hand in hand. Keep providing customers with more new solutions for automotive diagnostic tools and other auto diagnostic products. So that continue to contribute to the development of automotive diagnosis industry.


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