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OBD2 Male to OBD-II Female Splitter Conversion Cable

This is a OBD splitter cable. It is with 16pin male connector at one end. The other end of the obd2 cable is with two OBD-II female connector with different shape. All these connectors are J1962 standard OBDii connector. The obd-ii diagnostic cable is compatible both 12V or 24V vehicles. The Y splitter end is with two types of OBDii connector, one is standard A type and the other is D type with locking function. The D type OBD connector can be with different color. The obd diagnostic cable can be with appointed plastic and metal material, wire specification and pinout assignment. Customized features will help buyer to seize more markets.
  • FA-DC-OC81
  • Fiberall

Parameters of FA-DC-OC81 OBD-II Splitter Diagnostic Cable

Part No.


Port 1

16Pin OBD-II Male

Port 2

16pin OBD2 Y Splitter

Applicable vehicle

OBD-II compliant models

Connector type

OBD-II A type or D type

Wire spec



1~16pins, direct connection

Main Material


Cable shape




Operating temperature


Packing way

Inner: PE bag, Outer: Carton


Featured Parameter of OBD-II Diagnostic Conversion Cable

1, Workable voltage: 12V/24V;

2, Pin material: copper, nickel-plated or gold-plated for options;

3, Standard or customized Pin assignment are available;

4, OBD cable length can be customized;

5, Testing Procedures: 100% open, short and miss-wire testing;

6, Testing Voltage: DC300V 5M ohm/10ms;

7, All obdii diagnostic cable are tested before packing.


OBD-II Socket Type for OBD2 Diagnostic Cable

The OBD-II socket is located on the vehicle. It is the right interface for the OBD-II conversion cable. There are many types of obd socket type in the market. As for type, we do not mean pinout, but just the structure of the obdii interface. For convenience, we named them A type, B type and D type.

Passenger car mainly adopts A type OBD-II socket. And other vehicle like light-duty or heave-duty vehicle, or bus, they may use A type or B type OBD2 socket or both.

In most situation, the location of the OBD socket is under the interior panel. It should be convenient to plug and unplug of the OBD-ii diagnostic cable adapter. The OBD interface shall not be within the normal sight range of drivers and passengers (front and rear seats). But it shall be easy for crouching technicians to see. After connecting the auto obd2 cable or other auto diagnostic tools to the OBD interface, the normal physical and electrical operation of the vehicle shall not be obstructed.


Main difference between type A OBD interface and type B OBD-ii interface is the middle part. The middle part of type A has a deep groove, while type B has no deep groove. And as for type D, it is with locking-latch.

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