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OBD to BENZ Sprinter 14Pin Diagnostic Cable Adapter

This obd diagnostic cable is for Benz vehicles. It is with OBD-ii female connector and BENZ 14Pin plug. Fiberall has over 10 years’ experience in obd diagnostic cable. We are able to provide high quality obd diagnostic cable with competitive cost. And we are able to provide various customized features for the BENZ diagnostic cable.
  • FA-DC-MB10
  • Fiberall

Our Advantages on OBD Diagnostic Cable

1,We provide various connector options for the obd diagnostic cable;

2,Rigorous process, quality assurance;

3, Factory direct supply, price advantage, price for large quantity is negotiable;

4, The production process is clear and definite, and the delivery date is trackable and controllable;

5, Rich production and design experience, can provide customized services;

6, Honest business, intimate and reliable;

7, Environmental protection materials to meet the requirements of environmental protection in various countries;

8, Our obd diagnostic cable is with standardized connectors, can maximum ensure the compatibility.


Main Parameters of FA-DC-MB10 BENZ OBD Diagnostic Cable

Product No.


Port 1

OBD-II Female

Port 2

BENZ 14Pin Male

Workable vehicle

Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Operation voltage

9~16V DC



Cable length

According to order

Connector material

PA66 or customized

Jacket Material


Wire specification

18~26AWG (OD1.02~0.404mm)

Contact parts material

Plated copper or brass

Cable shape


Contact Resistance

3 Ohm maximum

Insulation Resistance

5M Ohm minimum

Temperature range

−25℃ ~ +85℃




Contact Parts Introduction of OBD Diagnostic Cable

Contact parts is a very important in obd diagnostic cable and other vehicle diagnostic cables. There are mainly two types of contacts parts for OBD diagnostic cable. One is pin of the male connector, and the other is inserting piece of female connector. Inserting piece is the part contacting with the pin of the male connector. In addition, there are some auxiliary or fixed accessories, such as position assurance.

We often see pin or contact material in the product information of OBD diagnostic cable. We also can see it in product information of other automotive diagnostic cables, obd adapters and obd connectors. We hereby make a brief introduction for this part. So customers can have a better understanding of the contact parts of our obd diagnostic cable.


Contact Parts Materials of OBD Diagnostic Cables

The contact parts of our obd diagnostic cable are copper. We also use other materials. Here are the details.

1, Copper (Cu): Red, precious metal, soft. Easy to bend. With high conductivity and thermal conductivity. With corrosion resistance and excellent processing characteristics.

2, Brass (CuZn): Yellow. Alloys of copper and zinc, 60-95% copper. With good elastic, considerable conductivity, good processing performance and good weldability.

3, Phosphor bronze (Cu Sn): Red. Alloys of copper and tin. With good elastic. Elasticity is between brass and beryllium bronze. With poor conductivity than brass. Insensitive to stress corrosion. It is more expensive than brass.

4, Beryllium copper (Cu Be): Yellow. With best elasticity, excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It is more expensive than brass.

5, Nickel silver (CuNiZn): Silver white. Alloys of copper, nickel and zinc (Cu65%, Ni12%, Zn23%). With similar conductivity like brass. With good heat resistance (220 ℃), good mechanical properties, good weldability and corrosion resistance.

6, Steel (FE): Gray. The application temperature reaches 250 ℃. With poor conductivity. With good elasticity and wear resistance.

7, Nickel (Ni): Silver gray. With high temperature resistance (applied to + 650 ℃). With good corrosion resistance, good strength and good conductivity.

The above materials are only the main contacts materials of obd diagnostic cable. We will introduce coating materials of contact parts in another chapter.

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