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OBD Female to FIAT 3Pin Car Diagnostic Cable

This is a so called OBD-II to OBD 1 diagnostic cable. OBD1 is different with OBD2. At the beginning, there is no unified connector and protocols for obd diagnostic cable. So vehicle manufacturer used different connector. And later the manufacturer defined connector is also called OBD1 connector. FA-DC-FA06 automotive diagnostic cable is with OBD2 female connector at one end. And the other is with Fiat 3 pin male connector. The Fiat 3pin connector is classified as OBD-I connector. The obd2 diagnostic cable is able to connect with device or other diagnostic tools with J1962 OBD-II interface. Device and diagnostic tool with Fiat 3pin plug is also workable with the Fiat diagnostic cable.
  • FA-DC-FA06
  • Fiberall

Parameters of FA-DC-FA06 FIAT OBD Diagnostic Cable

Part   model


Port   1

OBD-II   Female

Port   2

Fiat   3Pin Male

Supported   vehicle

FIAT   OBD-II compliant vehicles

Working   voltage




Cable   Length

Upon   order

Connector   material

PA66   and plated copper

Jacket   Material


Wire   gauge


PIN   material

Plated   copper or bare copper

Cable   shape


Contact Resistance

3 Ohm maximum

Insulation   Resistance

5M Ohm minimum

Environment   Temperature

−25℃ ~ +85℃

Testing   Voltage

DC300V 5M   ohm/10ms


12 months


Plastic   bag/Carton


Features of Fiat OBD Auto Diagnostic Cables

1, All materials for the auto diagnostic cable are RoHS compliant, brand new and earth-friendly.

2, Customizable connector shape, pin definition, color, cable length, label and packing are acceptable.

3, No matter standard order or customized obdii diagnostic cable. Fiberall provide drawing to confirm connector shape, dimension, pin assignment and other technical parameters.

4, Each vehicle diagnostic cable is produced under strict quality control and tested before shipping.

5, The copper wire, PA66 over-molded connector and PVC jacket bring the automotive diagnostic cable excellent performance.

6, Manufacturer direct deal, controllable cost, and on time delivery.

7, If the default connector shape is total or partial unacceptable. Fiberall is able to develop new mold for the connector. With customized pattern, logo, words and so on.

8, We provide 12 month warranty for the car obd diagnostic cable and provide free technical support.


How to Use the Fiat OBD Diagnostic Cable?

1, Find the OBD-II socket on the vehicle. It may be in different position. 

Such as:

  1. Above clutch, brake, throttle;

  2. Under ashtray or front passenger compartment;

  3. Near or inside the central armrest box.

Generally, the OBD socket exists in the front row where it is not easy to see. So as not to affect the driving. If you can't find it, you can contact the car dealer for confirmation.

2, Ensure the pin assignment of the obd2 diagnostic cable is compatible with the equipped OBD-II protocols.

3, Connect one end of the automobile diagnostic cable to the diagnostic tool/device/equipment.

4, In the flameout state, insert the OBD-II interface of the obd diagnostic cable to the vehicle socket ;

5, If there is no need to set the diagnostic tool/device/equipment, you can start the diagnosis at once.

FIAT Car Diagnostic Cable

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