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J1939 Cummins To Open End Truck Diagnostic Cable

FA-DC-TC19 truck cable is with J1939 male plug and open end. It is suitable for heavy-duty truck with Cummins engine. The open end is wires with different colors. It is easy for identification and convenient for special use.
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Main Features of FA-DC-TC19 Truck Diagnostic Cable

1, All materials comply with UL and RoHS requirements.

2, With good shielded and isolated performance.

3, Various options are available for wire conductor, jacket material, color, length etc.

4, The open end of the truck cable is perfect for customized application and prototyping.

5, High quality materials and mature craftsmanship ensure superior flexibility and durability for the truck cable.

6, The truck cable can be with different packing way. But we mainly use plastic bag for each cable.

7, Wires of the truck cable is compliant with UL2464 standard.

8, Fiberall is able to provide different solution with different cost. If you have cost problem with the truck diagnostic cable, please feel free to let us know.


Parameters of FA-DC-TC19 J1939 Truck Cable 

Product Number


End 1

J1939 9pin male

End 2

Open end (wires)

Compatible models

Heavy-duty trucks with diesel engine

Working voltage

DC 24V ~ 36V

Plug material

PA66+glass fiber (GF) or customized

Jacket material

PVC or customized

Cable length

According to order

Contact parts

plated copper or customized

Wire gauge

AWG 26~20

Cable color

Default Black

Pin assignment

Upon drawing

Application Temperature


Customized features

Material, over-molded part, length, color, pin definition, label, packing


Problems during process of truck diagnostic cable

There are different specifications, materials and connectors for truck diagnostic cable. But the manufacturing process is basically the same. It mainly includes stamping, electroplating, molding and assembly. So what are the common problems in these four stages?

1. Stamping: the manufacturing process of truck diagnostic cable generally starts from stamping pins. Generally, it is completed by automatic stamping machine. The common problems in the stamping stage mainly include the distortion, rupture or deformation of the pin.

2. Plating: after stamping, it should go to plating. It refers to adding metal coating to the contact parts of truck diagnostic cable. In the electroplating stage, there will also be distortion, cracking or deformation problems. And the coating will also have scratches, pinholes, uneven and other problems. Due to the proportion of coating material or machine problem, there may be color difference problem.

3. Injection molding: it mainly refers to forming connector and over-molded part for the truck cable. The main problem at this stage is that some parts are not full with plastic. Or because of the problem of material deployment, the soft hardness is not up to the standard. Or there is color difference.

4. Assembly: This is to assemble all the components together to form a complete truck diagnostic cable. But not all truck diagnostic cables need this process. In the process of assembly, the main problems are that the parts are not in correct place. Or the operation force is too large to cause cracking.

Fiberall has been engaged in the production of truck cable for more than ten years. In the production process, we do different inspection to avoid the problems mentioned above. So that can provide our customers with qualified products.

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