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How to use car OBD2 diagnostic tool?

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Today, automobile diagnostic technology has been very developed. Diagnostic Tool also has good intelligence, and the industry gradually forms a unified international standard. Therefore, different vehicles can integrate different Diagnostic Tools from different suppliers. Regardless of the OBD2 Diagnostic Tool or EOBD Diagnostic Tool, such tools of our company are the ideal choices. Below, I will show how to use Obd2 Diagnostic Tool.


The following is a list of article contents:

1. Functions of IBD2 Diagnostic Tools

2. Examples for how to use OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

3. Operation of OBD2 Diagnostic Tool


Functions of IBD2 Diagnostic Tools

OBD2 Diagnostic Tool use screen to display access information, including diagnostic fault code, freezing frame, real-time data, battery data, vehicle information, and I / M data. These OBD2 Diagnostic Tool self-with cables can connect to the vehicle.


Obd2 Diagnostic Tool is plug and play and does not need external display devices or applications. Whether it is a gasoline car or a diesel car, OBD2 Diagnostic Tool is compatible with the corresponding vehicle, some of which are also used as commercial vehicles and passenger cars. In addition, some OBD2 Diagnostic Tool has a single-touch fast query function such as VIN, DTC, and BAT. Users simply press the button of the car Diagnostic Tool, and the diagnosis will start.

 OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

Examples for how to use OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

OBD2 Diagnostic Tool is not only used for annual car inspections, but also to read and eliminate fault code. The function of OBD2 Diagnostic Tool includes displaying sensor data, checking I / M data, viewing freezing frame data, and checking vehicle information. Using OBD2 Diagnostic Tool, users can understand whether the car can pass annual inspection. Users can find problems and repair the car before the annual inspection.


Using OBD2 Diagnostic Tool, users can get DTC code, vehicle real-time information, sensor data, and check the transmission of the vehicle. But also notice that only vehicles that meet Diagnostic Tool can use the vehicle Diagnostic Tool. In addition, professional hand-held Diagnostic Tool is also compatible with the corresponding vehicle.

For example, the V500 model Diagnostic Tool is an OBD2 Diagnostic Tool of trucks and cars (gasoline or diesel engines). There are two diagnostic cables in the Diagnostic Tool package. One is a car diagnostic system cable, one is a truck diagnostic cable. When the user needs to detect forklifts, it is possible to connect the Diagnostic Tool connector to the forklift cable. It should be noted that OBD2 Diagnostic Tool supports English, French and Spanish.


Operation of OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

Do not connect Diagnostic Tool when the ignition is turned on or the engine is running.

Turn off the ignition switch.

Locate the 16-pin data link connector of the vehicle.

Plug the car Diagnostic Tool into the vehicle's DLC.

Open the ignition switch. At this point, it is not important regardless of whether the engine is started.


Press the "Enter" button on the Diagnostic Tool to enter the diagnostic menu. The Diagnostic Tool screen will display a series of Diagnostic Tool's protocol information until it detects the correct protocol. If the vehicle Diagnostic Tool is unable to exchange information with the vehicle ECU, the screen will display "Connection Error".

Reconnect and repeat the above operation. Make sure the ignition switch has been opened, and the Diagnostic Tool has been connected to DLC and confirms that the vehicle supports the Diagnostic Tool protocol.


Please refer to the vehicle manual or consult the vehicle supplier. If the vehicle does not support the above communication protocol, the Diagnostic Tool does not work properly. Turn off the ignition switch, wait for 10 seconds, open the ignition switch again and press the "Enter" to enter the diagnostic menu.


If Diagnostic Tool still does not work, please contact Salesman or after-sales service personnel. Light and Technology Provide OEM, ODM and R & D service for Diagnostic Tool. If you have customization, please contact us in time and make the next step.

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