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Handheld Diagnostic Tool & Tester for 12V Car Battery

This is a ODM version battery tester and diagnostic tool. It is suitable for 12V battery. It is not for vehicle only, it is compatible with most of 12V battery. And the battery diagnostic tool is able to help user to know the status and performance of the battery. So that can avoid broken, or unexpected stop. It is with color screen and it supports multi-languages.
  • FA-V311BM
  • Fiberall

Characteristics of V311B Battery Tester & Diagnostic Tool

1, The battery diagnostic tool is not for vehicle only. It is suitable for car, SUV, pick-up truck, boat, motorbike, and other machine with 12V battery.

2, Supports 9 Languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Polish.

3, The battery diagnostic tool is with wide compatibility. Suitable for most kinds of 12V battery. Such as ordinary battery, lead-acid battery, AGM flat battery, AGM spiral battery, GEL and EFB battery.

4, There is no need to stop and do test. The battery tester support test under starting and charging status. And it is able to test and display many data. Like battery voltage, rated value, measured value, internal resistance value, service life, remaining power etc. User can combined these data with test results to evaluate battery performance.

5, With reverse protections function, ensure safe and protect the tested machine.

6, Supports picture saving and printing function. User can print saved screenshots via the USB interface.

7, There is no need to charge via built-in battery, no potential safety hazard.

8, Supports multiple modes and standard tests. To help user evaluate the performance of the vehicle battery quickly.

9, Supports viewing battery data in waveform analysis.

10, Interface type: The battery diagnostic tool is with a pair of reverse black and red alligator clips for test. And a type-C USB interface for printing and upgrading.

11, The display is with 2.8 inch color screen with high resolution.

12, The battery test diagnostic tool can be neutral or with customized logo and packing.


Product Parameter of FA-V311BM Car Battery Diagnostic Tool

Product number


Connector type

Fish clamp x 2, type-C x 1

Compatible vehicle

Models with 12V battery

Main control chip


Working voltage


Measurement type

ordinary battery, AGM flat plate, AGM   winding, GEL, EFB

Measurement standards


Measuring range


CCA: 100-2000A.

BCI: 100-2000A.

CA: 100-2000A.

MCA: 100-2000A.

JIS: 26A17-24SH52.

DIN: 100-1400A.

IEC: 100-1400A.


SAE: 100-2000A.

GB: 10-250Ah.

Test mode


1, Fast test

2, Standard test

3, Charging test

4, Starting test

5, Waveform analysis


2.8 inch TFT color screen, resolution:   240*320

Cover material


Diagnostic tool size


Cable length

Default 1 meter or customized




Cardboard box/Carton


English, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese,   Italian, French, German, Spanish, Polish


Test Data Descriptions of The Battery Diagnostic Tool

The FA-V311BM car battery tester and diagnostic tool supports many data. Including: voltage, rated value, measured value, internal resistance value, service life, remaining power etc. In order to make customer know more about the test data, we hereby provide more descriptions as below:

1. Battery voltage: The current voltage value of the battery measured.

2. Rated value: The nominal value on the battery. User need to input the value on battery label to tester diagnostic tool and select corresponding test standard;

3. Measured value: The current value measured and evaluated by the battery tester. It is the difference between the nominal value and the measured value; Generally, the measured value of a new battery will be close to the nominal value. The longer the battery is used, the worse the aging, and the lower the measured value will be.

4. Internal resistance: The internal discharge resistance value of the battery varies with many factors. Like brand, process, type, current temperature, and duration of use of the battery. The better the performance of the general battery, the lower the internal resistance value.

5. Service life: The value calculated based on the evaluation of the rated value. And the current state of the battery reflects the aging degree of the battery and remaining life;

6. Remaining power: The value calculated according to the current state of the battery. It indicates how much power is left in the battery. If it is full charge, it should be 100%.

For more detail please refer to the user manual enclosed with the battery diagnostic tool.

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