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DB25 To OBD Cable & OBD2 Adapter for Car

FA-DC-OC22 OBD cable is with DB25 male connector and OBD2 male connector. OBD-II connector of the cable is gourd head design, it is more convenient for plug and unplug. We provide various OBD connector for options. Buyer can choose the preferred one to order.
  • FA-DC-OC22
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Parameters of FA-DC-OC22 Car OBD Cable

Product number


Plug one

DB25 male

Plug two

OBD-II male (gourd head)

Compatible vehicle

OBD-II compliant models

Working voltage

DC 12V

Pin material

Plated copper or brass

Sheath Material


Cable shape


Wire cross-section

AWG 26~20

Injection Material

PA66, ABS, PC or customized

Pin definition

In accordance with drawing

Length of obd cable


Contact Resistance

3 Ohm Max.

Insulation Resistance

5M Ohm Min.

Applicable Temperature Range

−25℃ ~ +85℃

Testing content

100% open, short and miss-wire testing

Test Condition

DC300V 5M ohm/10ms

Note: Many features of the obd cable are customizable. Please feel free to let us know if the listed parameters cannot meet your requirement.


DB25 to OBD Cable Order Information


Product number




OBD Cable DB25 Female To OBDII Male (Blue)



OBD-II Diagnostic Cable DB25 Female To OBD2 Male



DB25 Male To OBD Cable for Car (gourd head)



OBD Conversion Cable DB25 Female Plus DC To OBDii Male


Main Factors Causing OBD Cable Failure

1. Friction: Wear caused by the quality of materials, times of matching, vibration and other reasons. Including plastic wear and metal wear. Good materials have wear resistance, while poor quality materials have poor wear resistance. If the matching time is frequent, there will be wear with connector of OBD cable. If there is wear with the plastic parts, it may cause matching problems. For example, the matching is difficult, or the connection is not firm. If there is wear with metal parts, the conduction performance may be unideal.

2. Corrosion: External environment always bring corrosion to both plastic parts and metal parts. Corrosion of plastic parts will accelerate wear and fracture, which will cause problems for the matching of OBD cable. The liquid, corrosive substances, and oxidation will lead to the corrosion of metal parts. The corrosion of metal parts will lead to weakening of conductive communication performance. If it is serious, it will also cause the fracture of metal parts, which will lead to the scrapping of OBD cable. Good injection materials can effectively delay corrosion. Metal parts can be with gold or silver plating to delay the corrosion process.

3, Process: Refer to crimping, welding process for metal parts and injection, molding for plastic parts. The main process problems are mechanical failure and electrical failure. If the manufacturing process is poor, it may cause many problem. Like deformation of the joint, or the thickness and hardness of some parts are not up to standard. This will affect the matching and firmness of the OBD cable. The position of metal parts should be accurate. If the process is not good, the position of metal parts will be deviated or even deformed. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt advanced technology in the production process of OBD cable.

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