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Automobile OBD2 Code Reader Supports WiFi iOS ANDROID

FA-V03HW WiFi OBD2 code reader is for customized order. It is for OBD2 vehicles and with wide compatibility. And it is able to work with WiFi equipment which is with iOS Android or Windows operating system. Its big size is suitable for deep obdii socket and easy for handling. And its indicator is convenient for user to check connection status.
  • FA-V03HW

Appearance Features of FA-V03HW WiFi OBD2 Code Reader 

FA-V03HW WiFi OBD2 code reader is with standard hand shank design. It is housing is bigger than other mini type obdii code reader. The big housing makes it is suitable for deep OBD-II socket on some vehicles. And the hand shank shape is easy for handling. There are anti-skid lines on both sides of the housing so it is not easy to slid during operating. There are carved “OBDII” on the back of the auto obd2 code reader. And buyer can appoint customized carved content. But it always request MOQ for revising mold. There are indictor on the top of the obd2 code reader and it is convenient for user to see the link status. The connector type of the obd2 code reader is type B which is suitable for both 12V and 24V vehicles.


Function Introduction of FA-V03HW Auto OBD2 Code Reader 

The obd2 code reader is able to read trouble code. No matter generic or manufacturer-specific. If the App support to display its meaning, user also can see the meaning of the code. With the trouble code, user is able to find the problem quickly. And the auto code reader also can help user to clear the trouble code when the fault is solved. It also can display real time sensor data such as engine speed, fuel status, coolant temperature and so on. Real time data stream truly reflects the working voltage and state of each sensor and actuator. So it provides important reference for automobile fault diagnosis.

Based on different App, user also can use the obd2 code reader to do many other things. Such as vehicle healthy diagnosis, battery test, traveling analysis, improving driving habit etc.


Compatibility of FA-V03HW Automobile Code Reader

FA-V03HW is with standard OBD-II interface and it is able to match OBD-II socket on different vehicles. And the auto code reader is for obd2 vehicle. But it only supports OBD-II vehicles which equipped with appointed protocols. Such as SAE J1850, ISO9141-2, ISO14230-4 KWP, and ISO15765-4 CAN. These communication protocols covers more than 95% OBD2 vehicles in the market. So it is workable on most vehicles. As a WiFi device, it is compatibility is wider than the Bluetooth 2.0 obd2 code reader. It is able to work with Android, Windows and iOS device. So no matter you have smart phone, computer or other internet device on hand, you can use it. And we have not limit its compatibility for other App. Other than our recommended application, user also can choose other app.


Language of FA-V03HW Auto OBD Code Reader 

The obd code reader is developed based on English. But it does not mean that it only supports English. Its supported language is related with App configuration. User can choose native language if it is available in language setting. Fiberall also provide language customized service for the obd code reader. Generally we provide English, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Polish for options. These languages cover most target markets in worldwide. So it is helpful for buyer to develop different market. Buyer can order packing and user manual with same language as the system language of the obd2 code reader. So that it will avoid many trouble for after-sale.


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