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Assembled DB15 To OBD OBD2 Auto Diagnostic Adapter

This a partial molded and partial assembled hand shank obd adapter. It is not one time injection. The molded OBD2 end and the molded DB15 part combine together by assembly. The obd2 connector of the obd adapter is male and the DB15 connector is female. The obd adapter is suitable for 12V vehicles.
  • FA-AD-OC04M
  • Fiberall

Main Parameters of FA-AD-OC04M DB15 To OBD Adapter

Interface 1: DB15 Female

Interface 2: OBD Male

Operation voltage: DC 12V

Body Material: ABS, PVC, PA66 or customized

Contact Material: Plated Copper or Plated Brass

Pin Assignment: As drawing

Wire Gauge: 26AWG

Color Option: Black or customized

Place of Origin: China

MOQ : 300pcs

Operating temperature: -10-85 ℃

Order Information of OBD to DB Serial Auto Diagnostic Adapter


Product No.

Name & Short Descriptions



OBD Adapter for Auto Diagnostic 16Pin Male to DB15 Female



Auto OBD Adapter 16Pin Male to DB15 Female Molded



OBD Adapter 16Pin Male to DB15 Female Partial Assembled



OBD2 Conversion Adapter 16Pin Male to DB26 Female



OBDii Diagnostic Adapter 16Pin Male to DB26 Male


Basic Structural Components of Auto Diagnostic OBD Adapter

OBD adapter is an assembly of plug or terminals protected by outer sheath. It is a component that conducts electricity or connects signals of car through wire. There are two kinds of OBD adapter. One is OBD1 adapter, the other is OBD2 adapter, and there is OBD1 to OBD2 adapter. Generally an OBD adapter include plug/terminal, socket, clip, shell and other accessories.

In order to let customers have a better understanding of our OBD adapter. Let's introduce the four basic structural components of the OBD adapter.

1. Contact parts: It is the core part of the OBD adapter to complete the electrical connection function. Generally, the contact part includes positive contact and negative contact. And electrical connection is completed by inserting and closing the negative and positive contacts.

The positive contact is a male part. And its shape is cylindrical (round pin), square cylindrical (square pin) or flat (inserting piece). The positive contacts are generally brass and phosphor bronze. Negative contact refers to female part like hole or slot. It relies on the elastic deformation of the elastic structure when match with the positive contact parts. There are many structure types of positive contact. Including cylinder type (split slot, necked), tuning fork type, cantilever beam type (longitudinal slot). And folding type (longitudinal slot, 9 shape), box type (square hole), hyperboloid spring hole and so on.

2. Shell: also known as case or cover. It is the outer cover of the OBD adapter. It provides mechanical protection for the built-in insulating mounting plate and pins. And provides alignment when matching the plug and socket, so as to fix the connector to the equipment.

3. Insulator: the insulator is the base or inserting panel of the OBD adapter. Its function is to arrange the contacts according to the required position and spacing. And ensures the insulation performance between the contact parts, as well as between the contact parts and the shell. Good insulation resistance, voltage resistance and processability are the basic requirements for insulators.

4. Accessories for the OBD adapter: there are structural accessories and installation accessories. Structural accessories is snap ring, positioning key, positioning pin, guide pin, sealing ring, gasket, etc. Install accessories such as screws, nuts, screws, spring coils, etc. Due to different structures and uses, the accessories of different OBD adapters are also different.

These four basic components make the OBD adapter a whole. So that the obd adapter can act as a bridge between the vehicle and external equipment for power and communication.

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