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What is the Relation Between ECU and OBD Fault Code Reader?

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This article introduce working logic of the ECU, working principle between ECU and fault code reader. And also explain how to select a correct trouble code reader to use with the ECU.


Here is the content list:

1, Logic of OBD Input and Output

2, Working Principle Between ECU and OBD Code Reader

3, Fiberall OBD code readers which works with ECU

4, How to Select a Right OBD2 Code Reader to Work with ECU


Logic of OBD Input and Output

We know that engine is the heart of a vehicle, and the heart of the OBD fault code reader is MCU inside. It can process and analyze the data of each ECU of the vehicle through CAN bus and the 16pin OBD-II interface. Then it output result to APP on mobile phone or computer through Bluetooth, WiFi or USB port. As well as display the result on the mobile phone or computer screen. This is the logic of OBD input and output.


Working Principle Between ECU and OBD Code Reader

Specifically, the ECU is like the brain of vehicle, it is responsible for integrating various vehicle traffic data. It will coordinate the balance of engine, suspension, chassis and other parts. And OBD2 code reader needs to read the data on the vehicle through the ECU. The CAN bus is like the highway, and the ECUs on the car are like the entrance of the highway. Connecting the entrance to the highway and the data is passed into the CAN bus.

The 16 pins of OBD interface are standard. And most of the vehicle models on the market follow this standard, except for some special manufacturer defined protocols. So there is no OBD connection problem in most cases. As the heart of OBD system, MCU (Microcontroller Unit) analyzes the data obtained from 16-pin OBD interface first. And finally enters the APP display through Bluetooth and the trouble code reader or other transmission mode.


Fiberall OBD code readers which works with ECU

Fiberall mini obd2 trouble code reader is the right product like the one mentioned above. The obd code readers are with standard 16pin interface. User just need to insert the fault code reader into the OBD-II socket on the car. And then connect it to the smart phone via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB cable. The MCU will process the data which obtained from the OBD interface and transmit the data to the phone and then display them on the App. As for the position of the OBD2 socket, please refer to related article on our website.


How to Select a Right OBD2 Code Reader to Work with ECU

Most of Fiberall mini type obd code readers have different structures but their function are the similar. We made different designs according to different requirements. For example, some users like the super mini type because it is compact and easy for carrying. But some users like the bigger one because the bigger one is more convenient for handle. And some OBD socket is deep and it requires for obd code reader with longer length. So that the trouble code reader can reach the obd connector more smoothly. And some types of obd2 code readers are with LED indicator which is able to see link, power and OBD status during operation. Some trouble code readers are with power switch in order to save power when it is idle.

The different size of housing of the obd code readers is just to match the PCB size and inner structure, it has no matter with function.


ECU is like a brain of vehicle and it is able to obtained vehicle information like trouble code and other real time data from the vehicle. And our trouble code reader is a obd device which is able to transmit the obtained data to app of mobile phone, mac or computer. So that user can use a obd code reader to see the ecu information.


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