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What are the functions and features of Automotive OBD Scanner?

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When you drive at the highway or in remote location, You will not be able to get any technical support. In this case, if you continue driving a car while driving your car without using Automotive OBD Scanner, you may damage your car. Therefore, the function of Automotive OBD Scanner is self-evident. Next, let's take a look at the functionality of Automotive OBD Scanner.


Article content list:

1.Automotive OBD Scanner can read diagnostic fault code from the DLC socket

2.Automotive OBD Scanner has high efficiency and low power consumption

3. Introduction to other features of Automotive OBD Scanner


Automotive OBD Scanner can read diagnostic fault code from the DLC socket

To read diagnostic fault codes from the DLC outlet is the most important feature of automotive OBD scanner. It also supports real-time data of the vehicle. In addition, the Automotive scanner also supports 9 OBD protocols that can be used with most compatible vehicles.


Take an Bluetooth Automotive OBD Scanner as example. B11 is a mini Bluetooth fault code scanner for Android and Microsoft systems. The maximum difference between B11 and other Automotive OBD Scanner is that it has a power button that allows the user to stop when it is not required, so that the Automotive scanner does not take up the automotive power supply when it is not working.

 Automotive OBD Scanner

Automotive OBD Scanner features high efficiency and low power consumption

Automotive OBD Scanner requires the first time to install and set, and then it is plug and play. WiFi Automotive OBD Scanner will take more power than the Bluetooth scanner. If this car scanner does not have a power switch, it is best to unplug the Automotive OBD Scanner when you don't need it. B13-2A is a mini WiFi diagnostic obd scanner, compatible with Microsoft, Android and Apple operating systems, which have WiFi modules and imported primary chips. Therefore, this Automotive OBD Scanner has faster speed, excellent stability and low power consumption.


Introduction to other features of Automotive OBD Scanner

1. Plug and play (after application installation and setting).

2. Read and clear the fault code.

3. Factory sales.

4. Mini design, small size.

5. Adopt intelligent imported 25k80 chip.

6. The transmission has faster speed, more stability, and lower power consumption.

7. This application can achieve rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting.

8.WIFI connection mode, fast connection speed and less interference.

9. Various compatible applications are available.


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