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USBAM TO FORD OBD1 DLC Diagnostic Cable

FA-DC-FD23 is an obd1 diagnostic cable for Ford vehicles. It is with USBAM connector and Ford 20pin male connector. USBAM connector is USB A type male connector. Different to type B USB connector, Type A USB connector is with wider compatibility. And it is mainly for connecting with external equipment.
  • FA-DC-FD23

Main Features of FA-DC-FD23 Ford Diagnostic Cable

1, The cable is obd1 diagnostic cable, but obd2 cable.

2, It is with USB A type male plug.

3, There is a converter between the USB side and the Ford 20pin side. The cable diameter at two ends are different. The diameter at USB side is smaller and the Ford 20pin side is bigger.

4, There are many choice for cable tie. Coated cable tie, nylon cable or Velcro cable tie and so on.

5, Many customized options for material, color, label, packing etc.

6, The ford diagnostic cable is with standard connector and wide compatibility.

7, All material are RoHS compliant, earth friendly and safe for human being.


Parameters of FA-DC-FD23 OBD1 Diagnostic Cable

Product Model


Connector 1

USB A type male plug

Connector 2

Ford 20pin male

Workable vehicle


Operating voltage

DC 12V

Default Color


Cable Length

Upon order

Connector material

Plastic parts: PA66, ABS, PC for

Metal parts: plated copper

Jacket Material


Wire spec.

AWG 26~20

Pin assignment

Same as drawing or customized

Cable shape


Contact Resistance

<3 Ohm

Insulation Resistance

>5M Ohm

Application Temperature

−25℃ ~ +85℃

Testing Condition

DC300V 5M ohm/10ms


Plastic bag/Carton

Customized features

Length, color, packing, pin out, material,   print, label etc.


Cable Tie for Ford Diagnostic Cable 

We are able to provide different cable tie for the Ford diagnostic cable. We hereby introduce some common cable tie for your reference. Common cable tie used in auto diagnostic cable are: coated cable tie, nylon cable tie, Velcro cable tie, etc.

1. Coated cable tie is the most common cable tie for auto diagnostic cable. It can be with metal core or coreless. The outer coating of the metal core is PE or PVC plastic, and the core is galvanized iron wire. The coreless cable tie is made of pet. The plastic coating can prevent auto diagnostic cable from being damaged by cable tie. And its inner metal core can increase its softness and toughness.

2. Polyester cable tie: polyester has good shrinkage and toughness, so it has high strength and continuous tension. It is suitable for occasion that requires tension to be maintained all the time during loading, transportation and storage. It is suitable for auto diagnostic cable with long length. And it can avoid damage to auto diagnostic cable due to too tight binding during transportation or handling.

3. Nylon cable tie: it can provide firm fixing for auto diagnostic cable. It has high sustained tension. And its design has stop function, which can only be tightened more and more. Nylon cable tie is easy to use and it can provide fast fixing, good insulation and self-locking.

4. Velcro cable tie is different from ordinary cable tie. It is easy to bond as long as the two sides touch each other. And user can easily separate the two adhesive sides by hand. Various colors can be used to distinguish different types of auto diagnostic cable. And its width and length can also be customized according to the length of auto diagnostic cable.

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