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Right Angle OBD Car Diagnostic Splitter Cable

This is a y type splitter obd cable for OBD-II vehicles. It is with one male OBD2 connector and two female OBD-II connectors. The obd cable is with right angle and easy for plug and unplug. And this flat obd2 cable is convenient for installation and save space. Flat obd cable also have stable communication ability than the round one.
  • FA-DC-OC83
  • Fiberall

Features of FA-DC-OC83 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Cable

1, This obd cable supports OBD-II vehicles with 12V battery.

2, It is a Y splitter and supports two external deices;

3, The obd cable is flat, with compact size and convenient for storage;

4, The pin material of the obd cable is plated copper, we provide nickel-plated or gold-plated for option;

5, If there is no special requirement, the manufacturer defined pin is left, and other pins are directly connected;

6, Length of the obd cable, color of connector, sheath material, wire spec and packing is customizable;

7, The connector is one-time molding and pressing, with good appearance and quality;

8, Each obd cable is with single packing. Easy for count and avoid scratch;

9, Plug and play, do not require professional guidance and support DIY diagnosis;

10, Nondestructive installation, do not have impact on the car;

11, Jacket of the obdii cable is PVC material. It is soft and durable, with strong tensile resistance and long life.


Parameters of FA-DC-OC83 Splitter Type OBD2 Diagnostic Cable

Part Number


Connector 1

16Pin OBD2 Male

Connector 2

16pin OBD-II Female

Connector 3

16pin OBD-II Female

Applicable vehicle

OBD-II compliant cars

Connector type

J1962 A type

Working voltage


Wire spec


Pin assignment

16pins, direct connection or customized

Jacket Material


Cable shape




Operating temperature


Special feature

Y splitter type (1x2)

Note: This obd cable is flat. If it cannot meet your requirement, we also have round type Y splitter obd cable for option.


Can this OBD Cable support two devices working at the same time?

When there is an external device with your vehicle's OBD interface and you need to use another external device. For example, you want to use a ELM327 code reader and an OBD GPS tracker at the same time. You can use this OBD cable to separate two interfaces. Connect two devices to two branches of the OBD cable and use two devices at the same time. In this way, the two devices do not interfere with each other in reading can data. 

However, if two external devices send data to the vehicle equipment at the same time, it will not work. It's not about the compatibility of OBD cable. It's because cars don't support two devices communicating at the same time. If it is only for power supply or can data reading, it can work at the same time. This OBD cable also does not support two diagnostic tools to detect vehicle fault codes at the same time. Two auto diagnostic tools can detect and communicate independently. But they do not support sending and receiving data at the same time.

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