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Relationship Between Automotive Sensor and OBD Code Reader

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Types of Automotive Sensors

There are many kinds of sensors in cars. Main sensors includes:

1, Air flow sensor;

2, Intake pressure sensor

3, Solar term door position sensor;

4, Camshaft position sensor;

5, Crankshaft position sensor;

6, Oxygen sensor;

7, Water temperature sensor;

8, Knock sensor etc.


Relationship Between Air Flow Sensor and OBD2 Code Reader

It is hard to list all sensors here. But I would like to take a sample to explain the significant relation between these sensors and OBD2 code reader. OBD2 code reader is also named DLC data logger or engine checker.


Air flow sensor is the most important sensor for vehicle engine. If there is any trouble with air flow sensor, the trouble will be detected by the OBD code reader. For example the intake is always in high status. When there is a low intake, other sensors detect the difference but the air flow sensor have not found the problem. The ECU will judge the air flow sensor got trouble and start a storage value. Later there will be a trouble code. Meanwhile the MIL will be bright. At this occasion, the driver will know there is problem with the vehicle and have to send it to repair. And the maintenance person is able to know which sensor got trouble via the OBD2 fault code reader.


Relationship Between Oxygen Sensor and OBDii Code Reader

In the same way, if there is problem with oxygen sensor, the MIL will be on. In fact the detection of emission is the feedback of the whole fuel system. when trouble happens, it may affect the normal work of the engine and may cause emission. The detected emission status is lower than the OBD requirement. And this is the original purpose of OBD-II system.


Practical Case Between Intake Air Temperature Sensor and OBD-II Code Reader

And I also knew a practical case. A driver has an old car without OBD system. In order to upgrade the engine performance, he requested the repair shop to install 4 spark plugs. The repair shop uninstalled the intake air temperature sensor but forgot to plug in. The MIL is on within 5 kilometers after the driver left the shop. So he drove to a 4s shop later. After diagnosis with obd code reader, they found the mentioned problem. So the OBD system is able to detect the non-normal condition of the engine. And it also tell user the fault position and reminds driver avoid to drive a trouble vehicle. And it also help the repair personnel to shorten the diagnosis time.


Supported Sensor Data of Automotive Code Reader

What kinds of sensor data does the obdii trouble code reader can get from the vehicle? With Fiberall obd2 DTC code reader, user is able to see sensor data as below:

- Engine RPM
- Calculated Load Value
- Coolant Temperature
- Fuel System Status
- Vehicle Speed
- Short Term Fuel Trim
- Long Term Fuel Trim
- Intake Manifold Pressure
- Timing Advance
- Intake Air Temperature
- Air Flow Rate
- Absolute Throttle Position
- Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims
- Fuel Pressure and so on.


Of course an obd2 trouble code reader or auto diagnostic tool is not able to detect all sensors at present. But it is real helpful to the driver or the maintenance staff. We are also looking forward to more and more perfect product. So that user can detect more sensors and obtain more comprehensive vehicle data.


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