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OBDII To J1939 J1708 Splitter Truck Jumper Cable

FA-DC-TC36 is an OBDii cable with splitter for heavy vehicles. It is with OBDii female connector, J1939 9pin male plug and J1708 6pin male plug. Other than standard specification, Fiberall also accept customized specification for the splitter truck cable. There are many possible defects during production of truck jumper cables so they should pass test before shipping.
  • FA-DC-TC36

Application of FA-DC-TC36 Truck Splitter Cable 

Generally there is one diagnostic port only on truck or heavy vehicle. If you want to connect two devices with the truck, you need to use the truck splitter cable. FA-DC-TC36 truck splitter cable is with one J1939 plug and one J1708 plug. So it is able to support two different external devices. The splitter truck cable is able to connect Electronic Logging Devices, such as Cummins ZED, Garmin eLog or KeepTruckin ELD. And it is also able to support diagnostic tools, obd scanners or trouble code readers for trucks.

Or you also can use the obd-ii truck cable in different trucks. No matter is it is with 9pin socket or 6pin socket. If you have such a truck cable, there no need to keep two cables in the vehicle.


Main Parameters of FA-DC-TC36 Truck Splitter Cable

Product Number


Connector One

OBD-II female

Connector Two

J1939 9pin male

Connector Three

J1708 6pin male

Compatible vehicle

OBD-II compliant heavy vehicles

Operating voltage

DC 12V~24V

Connector/plug material

PA66+GF or ABS, PC

Jacket material

PVC, PUR or customized

Cable length

1ft, 2ft, 3ft~10ft, as order

Wire material


Conductor spec

AWG 26~20

Default Color


Pin definition

According to the drawing

Material of Pin/contact parts

Plated copper or brass

Environment temperature


Customized features

Length, color, material, pin out, packing, label and so on.


Production Defects of Truck Splitter Cable

Some defects are inevitable in the production process of truck splitter cable. These defects are mainly surface defects or structural defects. The main defects in the production process of truck splitter cable are as follows.

Scarring: the local fusion points of OBD-II truck cable are not completely fused to form a scar shape;

Scratch: there are deep or shallow scratches on the surface of J1939 truck cable due to the friction of hard objects;

Scald: the surface insulating layer of truck jumper cable is injured due to high temperature;

Broken skin: refers to the skin or insulation layer damaged by external force;

Exposed wire core: exposed core at the joint of wire and terminal;

Deformation: the wire / terminal does not meet the requirements due to external force;

Fracture: the cross section of the wire is cracked, and part of the core is broken;

Separation: the assembled terminal is separated from the wire;

Color difference: the surface of the truck splitter cable is different from sample;

Blurred / broken print: poor printing results on the jacket of OBD-II truck cable.

Dislocation: the position and direction of multi-core wire are wrong;

Crush injury: the surface is injured by downward pressure or the wire is flattened;

Bubble: a circular protrusion on the surface of a plastic internal isolation zone. Or blister like protrusion defect caused by coating covering part of gas during baking;

Rough edge: linear bulge at the edge or joint line of the splitter truck cable (usually caused by poor molding);

Scorch / yellowing: refers to the yellowing or carbonization marks left on the surface of the truck splitter cable.

Lack of plastic: the phenomenon of insufficient injection caused by the molten plastic cannot reach a corner of the mold cavity.

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