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OBD To Lighter Conversion Power Cable for Automobile

FA-DC-OC87 is a conversion cable for OBD automobile. It is able get power from the vehicle to charge other device. The lighter end is not molded but assembled. And the OBD-II connector is with over-molded part.
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Features of FA-DC-OC87 Automobile OBD Cable

1, The obd cable is safe to both vehicle and connected device.

2, Its material are with excellent temperature resistance and flame retardancy. So that it is suitable for environment with high temperature.

3, The connectors of the obd cable are standard. And they are with high precision and good matching ability.

4, We adopt pure copper as wire. So that it can ensure stable transmission performance of the cable.

5, The connector is with high quality material and not easy to crack. So that the obd cable is with longer service life.

6, We are able provide design and mold development for connector.

7, Default material of the outer jacket is PVC. It is with good physical and extrusion properties, good weather resistance and low moisture absorption.

8, The obd cable is plug and play and do not require professional support. It is also suitable for driver or car owner.


Product Parameters of FA-DC-OC87 Automobile OBD Cable

Part number


Connector one

OBD-II female

Connector two


Compatible vehicle

Models with lighter

Operating voltage

DC 12V

Contact parts

Plated copper

Jacket Material


Cable shape


Wire specification

AWG 26~20

Material of molded parts

PA66, ABS, PC or customized

Pin assignment

Default or customized

Obd cable length

0.5m, 1m, 1.5m or customized

Contact Resistance

<3 Ohm

Insulation Resistance

>5M Ohm

Working Temperature

−25℃ ~ +85℃

Place of origin



Product Parameters Should be Considered When Ordering OBD Cable

1. Determine connector type. In addition to the male and female OBD connectors, we also have many other connectors for choice. Even the OBD connector has different shapes. You need to determine which shape you need before ordering.

2. Confirm length of the OBD cable. Buyer just need to determine it according to the actual needs. If it's too short, it may not be able to extend. If it is too long, the cost will be too high.

3. Determine material of outer jacket. We generally provide PVC and PUR for options. PVC is the most popular choice. PUR is suitable for OBD cable which requires better flexibility. Other specified materials are also available.

4. Confirm pin assignment. Generally, there is default pin definition. There are too many vehicle models and devices for vehicles in the market. So it is better to confirm pin out before order in order to ensure compatibility. Different pin definitions mean different communication protocols. In case pin definition and protocol is inconsistent, the OBD cable may not work.

5. Wire specification and material. In general, we provide AWG24 copper wire for obd cable. If you have requirements for the specification and material of the wire, you need to make special instructions.

6. Packing method. Including label and packaging material. And how many pieces of OBD cable packed in one carton.

The above parameters related to OBD cable are customizable according to customer requirements. If you have customized requirements for a certain aspect, please feel free to let us know.

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