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OBD Extension and Conversion Cable Adapter for Car

FA-DC-OC85 obd cable is with male connector and open end. The open end is with terminal to protect the wires. User can unplug the terminal if it is necessary. It is useful for user who need open end to do customized pin assignment or connect to other device. The wires of the obd cable is with color isolation. It is easy to recognize and distinguish.
  • FA-DC-OC85
  • Fiberall

Features of FA-DC-OC85 OBD Extension and Conversion Cable

1, The obd cable is with open end. It is convenient for research and development (R&D), experiment and test etc.

2, The OBD-II connector is with anti-skid key.

3, The wires of the obd cable is with different color for distinguishing. Fiberall provide Blue, Yellow, Green, Brown, Gray, White, Red, Black and so on for options. As for wires above 12 colors, we will add white strip or strip with other color on the original color. So that user do not worry about confusion of color.

4, We provide various material options for contact parts, jacket and over-molded part.

5, As for customized order with large order qty, buyer can appoint logo or words on the connector.


Product Parameters of FA-DC-OC85 OBD Cable with Open End

Model number


Connector A

OBD-II 16pin Male

Connector B

Open end or terminal

Working voltage


Pin material (and other contact parts)

Copper or brass, nickel-plated,   silver-plated, gold-plated for options

Material of over molded part


Wire specification

AWG 26~20 or customized

Wire material


Jacket Material


Cable shape


Cable length

1ft, 2ft, 3ft ~10ft and so on

Testing Voltage

DC300V 5M ohm/10ms

Customized service



Electrical Parameter Requirements of OBD Cable

OBD cable plays the role of conversion and extension in vehicle diagnosis. Improving the reliability of OBD cable is the primary responsibility of manufacturers. And the first thing we should consider is electrical parameters. Next, we will introduce the rated voltage, rated current and contact resistance of OBD cable.

1. Rated voltage

Another name of rated voltage is working voltage. It mainly depends on the insulating material used in OBD cable and the distance between contact pairs. The rated voltage is the maximum working voltage recommended by the manufacturer. In principle, the OBD cable can work normally under the rated voltage. Generally, the rated voltage of OBD cable should be in accordance with battery of the matching vehicle.

2. Rated current

Rated current is another name of working current. Under the condition of lower than the rated current, the OBD cable can work normally. Manufacturers generally meet the rated current requirements through the thermal design of OBD cable. When its heating exceeds a certain limit, it will damage the insulation of OBD cable. And this will also soften the coating of contact parts. Therefore, to limit rated current is to limit the temperature inside the connector.

3. Contact resistance

Contact resistance refers to the resistance produced by two contact conductors in the contact part. The contact resistance of OBD cable includes contact resistance and contact to conductor resistance. If there is oxide layer, oil or other pollutants on the contact surface, it will bring film resistance. When the film thickness increases, the resistance increases rapidly, and the film will become a bad conductor. In order to prevent damage of insulation film, voltage and current of the test should have strict standards.

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