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OBD Automobile Diagnostic Code Reader for Engine Trouble

FA-V07HU is an USB type diagnostic code reader for obd automobile. It is with standard OBD-II and USB interfaces. It is special for Windows and Mac computer. Its function is same as other Bluetooth or WIFI obd code readers.
  • FA-V07HU

Introduction of FA-V07HU Automobile Diagnostic Code Reader 

FA-V07HU auto code reader supports USB connection and it is able to work with Windows and Mac computer. It is not applicable to phone and Android operating system. With its help, user can check fault code and find problem when the MIL is on. And it also can provide user with real time vehicle data, driving analysis and alarm and so on. Which will make the user save maintenance cost and improve driving habit.

The auto code reader includes two parts. The adapter with OBD-II interface and RS232 interface. And we provide a RS323 to USB cable with the obd code reader. So that user can use it directly as soon as received it. Why we do not combine the cable and the adapter together? We also have other type automobile diagnostic code reader which the USB cable is connected with the adapter. But it is not convenient for packing and storage. And the connection part of the USB cable is possible to be broken during transportation. But the separate USB cable and OBD adapter will save some packing size. And both of the two parts can be better protected.


Product Features of FA-V07HU USB/RSR232 OBD Auto Code Reader

1, The auto code reader is plug and play. So user can use it to do fast diagnosis for the vehicle.

2, It adopts USB cable as connection way. There is no anti-interference like Bluetooth or WiFi communication. So its communication is safe and stable.

3, It is with intelligent FT232 Chip. It supports automatic driver installation and there is no need find driver before using.

4, The obd code reader is able to work on most OBD-II vehicles.

5, The master chip of the auto code reader is imported PIC18F25K80. It brings wide compatibility and stable performance for the code reader.

6, Fiberall has copyright and patent for the obd code reader. It is suitable for all kinds of customized service. And do no need to worry about copyright problem.

7, There is no problem for us to provide CE, FCC, RoHS certificates for the auto code reader.


Main Parameters of FA-V07HU Trouble Code Reader

Product number

FA-V07HU (Customized version)

Compatible equipment

Windows or MAC computer

Communication mode

OBD-II connector /USB-RS232 cable

Master chip


Operation voltage

DC 9V-16V

Working current


Standby current


Environment temperature


Working humidity

≤ 60%

Default Color


Supported App


Packing way

Plastic blister container

Note: The trouble code reader should be used with appointed software. Other App is not workable.


Packing of FA-V07HU Engine Diagnostic Code Reader

Default packing way of FA-V07HU engine diagnostic code reader is plastic blister container. The plastic container is made according to the size and shape of FA-V07HU engine diagnostic code reader. Buyer can use his own design or revised packing based our design. Color and print content of the packing is also changeable. The print content generally include name of the engine code reader, part number, basic parameters and so on. Some If you want to show operation instruction for the end user with the packing. It is better for you to customize user manual at the same time. If you want to packed the engine code reader again when you received it. We would like to recommend plastic bag to you. It is more space saving and will reduce the transportation cost.

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