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MAZDA 17Pin To DB15 OBD Adapter for Scanner

This obd adapter is with MAZDA 17Pin male interface and DB15 male interface. It is a OBD1 adapter for old MAZDA vehicle. It is molded by one time injection. It is for conversion purpose and equal to a short cable.
  • FA-AD-MZ02M
  • Fiberall

Main Characteristics of FA-AD-MZ02M MAZDA OBD Adapter

1, Interface of the obd adapter is compatible with original diagnostic scanner for MAZDA vehicle;

2, Each product passed test before leaving our factory;

3, High quality with competitive price;

4, Photo, drawing or specification is available for conformation in order to avoid mistake;

5, Pin definition, color, length, material, label, packing are customizable according to real requirement;

6, Factory direct deal, cost and production time is controllable and quality is guaranteed.

7, OBD adapter sample is available if there is stock.


Product Parameters of FA-AD-MZ02M MAZDA OBD Adapter

Part Number


Interface One

Mazda 17pin male

Interface Two

DB15 male

Body material

PA66, ABS, PC or customized

Contact parts material

Plated Copper (Silver Plated or Gold Plated)

Pin definition

According to drawing

Wire spec.

AWG 26


Black or customized

Operating voltage

DC 12V   

Contact Resistance

< 3 Ohm

Insulation Resistance

> 5M Ohm

Application Temperature

−25℃ ~ +85℃

Testing voltage


Warranty period

1 year

Customized Features

Pin assignment, material, color, label, packing, pin out, new mold

Note: The obd adapter is for old version MAZDA vehicles. It does not support MAZDA OBD-II vehicle.


Factors Affecting Injection Quality of OBD Adapter

Injection molding is an important process of manufacturing OBD adapter. Therefore, the quality of injection molding will directly affect the quality of OBD adapter. So what factors do affect the quality of injection molding?

1. Mold. Mold is the carrier of forming OBD adapter. If there is impurity with the mold, it will bring bubbles and uneven bump to the OBD adapter. In addition, hole of the mold should be in reasonable size and smooth. If the hole is too small or rough, it will cause a lot of friction heat. If exhaust of the mold is poor, it will cause gas combustion and produce black stripes or black spots.

2. Machine. Main problems focus on cleaning, ventilation, overheating and exhaust of the injection machine. The common problems are black grain or black spot on the surface of OBD adapter. Or there is color difference or caking.

3. Operation method. It is mainly about personnel and technology. For example, material confusion, incorrect ratio, wrong feeding sequence, lack of skills to operate the machine, etc.

4. Materials. Common problems related with material are mainly as follows:

①The raw material has black spots and the proportion exceeds the allowable range.

②Polluted during transportation and storage;

③Mixed with other material in the process of artificial proportioning;

④Lubricants is necessary sometimes, if it is not enough, it will cause severe friction heat;

⑤Heat resistance of the raw material is poor and cannot bear the heat when adding additives;

The first four situations can lead to the appearance problems for finished OBD adapter. For example there is impurity, variegation, spot, black grain, etc. The final case will make the OBD adapter to be scrap product. Or it is easy to crack and deform in later use.

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