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J1962 OBD Conversion Splitter Cable for OBD-II Car

FA-DC-OC86 is an obd cable splitter. It is with one male OBD-II connector and two female OBD2 connectors. The car obd cable is able to connect with two devices at the same time. For example user can use a GPS tracker and a diagnostic tool when it is necessary. And do not need to remove them one by one. It is also suitable for internet of vehicles.
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Application of FA-DC-OC86 OBD Splitter Cable 

1, The OBD cable Y splitter is able to support the following device.

①    Internet of Vehicles (IoV) devices

②    Telematics

③    M2M devices

④    OBD-II CAN programming tools

⑤    ECU tuning tools

⑥    Auto performance tuning tools

⑦    Fleet management devices

⑧    OBD2 GPS trackers

⑨    All these devices should be with 16Pin OBD2 female diagnostic port.

2, But please note that the two connected devices cannot communicate with the vehicle at the same time. It means that they can not send data to the vehicle at the same time. They should send data to vehicle one after one. But if they are for charging or reading data from vehicle, they can work at the same time.


Main Parameters of FA-DC-OC86 Car OBD Cable

Product number


Interface one

OBDII male (Type A)

Interface two

OBD2 female

Interface three

OBD-ii female

Supported vehicle

OBD2 compliant models

Working voltage

DC 12V

Contact parts

Plated copper

Jacket Material


Cable shape


Wire gauge

AWG 26~20

Material of molded parts

PA66, ABS, PC or customized

Pin definition

According to drawing or specification

Obd cable length

0.5m, 1m, 1.5m or customized

Contact Resistance

3 Ohm Maximum

Insulation Resistance

5M Ohm Minimum

Application Temperature

−25℃ ~ +85℃


Test and Inspection Items of Car OBD Cable

In the production of car OBD cable, we need to do a lot of inspection to ensure quality. Generally, the test and inspection items of car OBD cable mainly include routine inspection and performance inspection.

Routine inspection is mainly to check the appearance and size of car OBD cable.

The basic performance testing of car OBD cable mainly includes three categories. Including mechanical performance, electrical performance and environmental performance.

1. Electrical performance refers to the contact resistance, insulation resistance, withstand voltage and temperature rise of car OBD cable;

2. Mechanical performance refers to the plug-in force, terminal retention force and anti-vibration ability of car OBD cable;

3. Environmental performance mainly tests whether car OBD cable can maintain normal function under the following conditions. Such as high temperature, low temperature, temperature / humidity cycle, thermal welding, salt spray, water, dust, etc.

In actual production, we will choose different test and inspection items according to different situations.

1. Typical test: including all the above routine inspection and performance inspection items. We usually do typical inspection at these times: new sample, annual product audit and customer request.

2. Sampling inspection and spot-check. Main inspection items including appearance, size, plugging force, retention force, salt spray, weldability, welding heat resistance, coating, etc. And we do sampling inspection and spot-check at the following times. At the beginning of production, in the process of production, before packing, after packing.

If you have special requirements on inspection items for car OBD cable, please feel free to negotiate with us. We will try our best to meet your requirements.

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