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J1962 Male to Straight 16Pin OBDII Diagnostic Cable

FA-DC-OC80 is a OBD-II diagnostic cable with standard J1962 connector. One end of the OBD2 cable is with 16pin OBD-II female connector, and the other end is with pass through plug. The pass through plug is with OBD-II male connector at one side and with OBD2 female connector at the other side. The obd cable is flat but not around. There are various pin definition available for the obd diagnostic cable. User can select the right one to order.
  • FA-DC-OC80
  • Fiberall

Product Parameters of FA-DC-OC80 OBD-II Diagnostic Cable

Part   number


Port   one

OBD2   16pin

Port   two

OBD-II   16pin pass through connector

Power   Voltage

12V   or 24V

Wire   Spec


Environment   temperature



16   pin full connected



Connector   material


Default   length

3ft   or customized

Packing   material

PE   bag/Carton

Cable   spec

Cable   Diameter 2.1x16mm (16pin: 16Cx28AWG)


SAE-J1962 Connector of OBD2 Diagnostic Cable

Most of Fiberall OBD2 diagnostic and conversion cable are with J1962 connector. So what’s J1962? It is a connector standard defined by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), so J1962 is also mentioned as SAE J1962. Shape and pin number of the obd connector are defined by SAE. The J1962 OBD-II connector is with 16 pins (2x8 in two rows) and the shape is trapezoid.

SAE even gave definition for each pin of the OBD-II connector. For example, pin 2 is for bus positive line and pin 10 for bus negative line, pin 4 is for chassis ground, pin 5 is for signal ground, pin 6 is for CAN high and pin 14 for CAN low, pin 7 for K line and pin 15 for L line, and other pins are reserved for vehicle manufacturer's discretion. So we always request buyer to confirm the pinout diagram for the obdii diagnostic cable in order to avoid mistake.

Not only that, SAE also suggested depth for the location of the OBD2 interface. A ideal OBD-II connector should be within 2 feet (0.61 m) of the steering wheel. The benefit of this requirement is convenient connection with the obd diagnostic cable. But in practice, exemption is very common and OBD-II socket is not located under the steering wheel. Manufacturer locate it above the clutch, brake, accelerator; or below ashtray, front passenger compartment; near or inside the central armrest box and so on. When is it necessary to use the obd2 conversion cable, user can check these position according to different vehicle model.  


Main Features of Fiberall Auto OBDii Diagnostic Cable

1, Shipping label on the carton is with buyer’s order number, part number, qty and weight information etc.

2, Materials of both J1962 connector and obd cable comply with RoHS and UL requirements.

3, 12 months warranty;

4, Customized order is welcome;

5, Mold development is available.

6, Various wire specification and pin definition for options;

7, Complete supply chain with obdii cable, obd-ii adapter and obd2 connector.

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