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J1962 Female OBD Connector for DLC of Vehicle

Female type obd connector is used to match the obd2 male connector. The male type obdii connector is with metal pin and the female type is with pinholes. The female obd connector is an essential component of ODB-II compliant vehicles. It has another name “DLC”. Of course GPS system, obd cable or other test equipment also use this female obd connector.
  • FA-CN-O03M
  • Fiberall

Specification of FA-CN-O03M Female OBD Connector

Model No.


Connector type

OBD-II female

Pin holes


Connector shape


Process method


Compliant standard




Body Material


Body material properties

Flame retardant and RoHS compliant

Terminal material

Tinned brass or cooper

Wire gauge


Working frequency

Low frequency

Applicable vehicle

OBD-II compliant vehicles

Working voltage



Test Condition of FA-CN-O03M Female OBD-ii Connector

Withstand Voltage

300V DC

Insulation Resistance

Over 2MΩ

Rated current

1A ~ 5A

Contact Resistance

MAX 1Ω (L≤3M)

Temperature range

-20 ~ 105 ℃


Advantages of J1962 Female OBD Connector

1, Fiberall specialize in obd products production including obd2 connector for over 10 years. We are with rich production and OEM ODM experience.

2, We attach equal importance to both quality and cost. And have been committed to providing customers with high quality and competitive obd connectors.

3, All processes of the obdii connector are with clear and strict quality control. And our factory is ISO9001 certified. We always try to provide our customer with qualified product with lowest defective rate.

4, Wire gauge, material of main body, pin and wire, color of the obd connector are customizable;

5, Only use brand material. All raw material of the obd2 connector are lead free and RoHS fully compliant with ROHS directive.

6, Drawing or technical document for the obd-ii connector will be available to you before order. For confirming electronic condition, pin assignment, and other details.


Main Application of FA-CN-O03M Vehicle OBD Female Connector

1, Auto diagnostic tool;

2, OBD scanner;

3, GPS Tracking system;

4, Multi-function diagnostic scanner;

5, Fault code reader;

6, Break-out box;

7, VAG Diagnostic tool;

8, Automotive digital diagnostic tools;

9, Car maintenance tools;

10, Odometer correction tools;

11, Key programmer;

12, Vehicle decoder and so on.


Location of the Female J1962 OBDii Connector

As we know obd2 female connector on vehicle has another name “DLC”. How to find the J1962 female OBD connector (DLC or obd socket) on the vehicle? SAE J1962 makes the following functional requirements for the location of DLC.

1, The type A DLC obd connector shall be located in the driver's or co-driver's cabin;

2, On the driver's side of the instrument panel;

3, Shall be easily accessible on the driver's seat;

4, The preferred location is between the steering column and the center line of the car.

5, Able to remove the cover of the obd connector from the dashboard or interface without using any tools.

6, It should be able to plug in the obd2 connector with one hand without visual inspection.

7, The obdii connector should be out of the normal view of the member. But the mechanic should be able to see it.

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