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J1962 16 pin OBD OBD2 Male Connector

The obd connector is the front part of OBD2 code reader, obd2 scanner and obd2 scan tool. It is a male connector. Buyer can order the plastic part only. Or order the connector with pins. Material and color are customizable.
  • FA-CN-O04DM
  • Fiberall

Our Advantages on OBD Connector

1, We are with over ten years’ experience in OBD products. We are with research and development capacity. And we are able to design new mold for the obd connector.

2, There are various existent mold for options.

3, We have advanced and precision machines, like injection and molding machines, terminal punching machine.

4, We have ability to meet different customized requirement.

5, Factory direct deal, with competitive cost, quality guarantee and on time delivery.

6, We only use high quality brand new raw material for obd connectors. Which are RoHS and UL compliant and flame retardant.

7, The metal parts of the obd connector are with silver or gold plating. Nickel plating is also available for choice.

8, Our factory is in Shenzhen city, and we can get supports of developed international logistics. And there are sea ports and airport in our city.

9, We have over 10 years’ experience in international trade. Our team is familiar with international trade and able to provide professional support to you.


Main Parameters of FA-CN-O04DM OBD Male Connector

Product No.


Interface type

OBD-II male

Pin number


Connector shape


Process method


Compliant standard

J1962 (type-B)

Color options


Plastic material options

PA66, ABS, PC or customized

Pin shape


Pin material options

Plated copper or brass (silver-plated or gold-plated)

Pin assignment

Direct connection or customized


Mini OBD2 code reader, obdii scanner, obd-ii scan tool

Working voltage

DC 12V

Place of Origin



Technologies and Conditions Required for Manufacturing OBD Connector

1. OBD connector is a product with high accuracy requirements. The production and manufacture of OBD connector requires precision mold processing technology. It needs to import high precision processing equipment. It also need an experienced team good at CAD, CAM technology and with mold developing ability. At the same time, skilled staff and advanced technology are also important conditions for high-precision mold production.

2. It also needs precision stamping and precision injection molding technology. The production line should be with a large number of advanced injection molding machines and stamping machines. And it also needs support from professional staff with rich material deployment experience. As well as experienced injection molding and stamping operation technician. These are the basis of efficient and stable injection molding and stamping. It is also an important factor to ensure the quality of the OBD connector.

3. It also requires automatic assembly technology. Application of precision control technology and semi-automatic testing machine technology is also necessary for obd connector production. With automatic technology, many problem caused by manual operation can be overcome. So that the core competitiveness can be also improved.

4. In addition, an OBD connector factory also needs professional quality control team and packaging team like other factories. And it also needs professional management personnel in production and warehousing. Every link has important impact on the quality or advantage of the OBD connector.


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