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J1939 to OBD2 Splitter Cable for Truck Diagnostic

FA-DC-TC30 truck diagnostic cable is a Y splitter cable. It is with OBD2 female connector and J1939 9pin female and male plugs. The J1939 plugs are in green color.
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Product Features of FA-DC-TC30 Truck Diagnostic Splitter Cable

1, Buyer can choose original or equivalent plug for the 1939 truck cable. Available original brand includes Molex, Deutsch and so on.

2, Raw materials of the truck diagnostic cable is UL and RoHS compliant. With high quality and environment friendly.

3, Color, length, pin assignment, material, packing can be customizable.

4, Customized specification or design for connector or plug is acceptable.

5, In-house manufacturing and quality control.


Parameters of FA-DC-TC30 J1939 to OBD2 Truck Splitter Cable

Product Number


Port 1

J1939 9pin male

Port 2

J1939 9pin female

Port 3

OBD2 Female

Compatible vehicle

Heavy-duty trucks

Operating voltage


J1939 plug material

ABS or PA66+glass fiber

Jacket material

PVC or customized

Cable length

1ft, 2ft, 3ft~10ft, Upon order

Conductor material

Pure copper or plated copper

Wire Gauge

20~26 AWG


Black cable and green plugs

Pin definition


Contact material

Plated copper or brass

Environment temperature




OBD connector type

Type A or type B


Electronic Test Content for J1939 Truck Diagnostic Cable

1, Open and short testing

2, Insolation resistance test

3, Miss wiring test

4, Dielectric strength test

5, Contact resistance test

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How to order a truck diagnostic cable?

1, Confirm the compatible communication protocols of your trucks. Trucks hereby refer to heavy duty vehicles. Nowadays, J1939 protocol is the mainstream communication protocol of trucks. And some older protocols like J1708, J1587 still exists. Different communication protocols require different connectors and their working way is also different.

2, Check connector or plug type of truck cable. For example, if the truck supports J1939 protocol, the interface or plug is 9 pins. If it supports J1708 protocol, the connector or plug is 6 pins. 9 pins and 6 pins are two main forms of truck diagnostic connector. And our truck diagnostic cable mainly uses these two kinds of connectors.

3, Check engine brand or truck brand. This is an auxiliary way to confirm connector or plug type of the truck diagnostic cable. With the brand name, it will be useful to confirm the connector type.

4, Check brand of plug you want. Plug or connector of our truck cable can be original brand or equivalent brand. Original brand means famous brand like Molex, Deutsch etc. equivalent brand is the local brand in China which is not so famous. But there is no problem with performance or function. And the truck diagnostic cable with equivalent brand plug do not have compatibility problem.

5, Confirm do you need over-molded part or not. Over-molded part is the injection part between the plug and the truck cable. If it is with over-molded part, it will be solid and strong. So the truck cable is with stronger tensile strength. Easy for pulling and convenient for using. And the over-molded part also can protect the connected part very well. So that it can ensure the use life of the truck diagnostic cable. but the over-molded part will increase cost of the truck cable. If it is not necessary, there is no need to add injected part so it can save some cost. Or if user need to revise the wire connection after getting the truck diagnostic cable, it does not need to add the over-molded part.

6, Confirm cable length, wire material, jacket material, color of plug, pin assignment you want. In order to make sure you can get the right truck cable you want.


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