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J1939 To DB15 Heavy Truck Diagnostic Cable Adapter

This truck cable is for heavy-duty vehicles. It is with DB15 male connector and J1939 9pin male plug. The J1939 plug is green and other plastic parts are black. We provide various materials options and customized features for the cable.
  • FA-DC-TC32
  • Fiberall

Our Advantages for Truck Diagnostic Cable

1, Our truck cables are compliant with industrial and international standard. They are suitable for worldwide market.

2, We provide various connector type and material for options. Buyer can order different truck cables or other diagnostic cables from us.

3, We are a ISO certificated manufacturer and we have workshop for truck cable.

4, We have clear and strict quality control system. IQC to control the incoming material, IPQC to control the in process product, and FQC to inspect finished product.

5, We have ability to offer OEM, ODM and R&D service to our customer.

6, We always deliver the cargo by international express service such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. They are door to door service, safe and fast.


Parameters of FA-DC-TC32 J1939 Truck Cable

Part No.


Plug One

DB15 male

Plug Two

J1939 9pin male

Support vehicle

Heavy trucks

Compatible voltage

DC 24V-36V

J1939 plug material

PA66+glass fiber (GF) or ABS+PC

Jacket material

PVC or customized

Cable length

1ft, 2ft, 3ft~10ft, customizable

Metal parts

Nickel, silver, gold plated copper or brass

Wire gauge

AWG 26 to 20

Cable color


Pin Definition


Environment Temperature


Customized Features

Material, length, color, label, packing


Metal Part Plating of Heavy Truck Cable

Coating or plating is an important part of truck cable. It plays an important role in protecting conductor, preventing oxidation and ensuring communication performance. But sometimes some plating quality is not up to standard. Such as coating off, uneven color, color difference and other issues. So what are the reasons for these problems?

1. Different process technology. Common processes are electroplating, barrel plating and vibration plating. Different process results in different coating color.

2. Influence of impurities in plating raw materials. The impurities brought by the chemical materials added into the plating bath exceed the standard. This affects the color and brightness of the plating. If it is organic impurities, the plating layer will be dark and with speckle. If it is metal impurity, the effective range of current density will become narrow.

3. The current is too large in the process of plating. Or the amplitude is too small when using vibration plating. In this way, some coating parts crystallizes, and becomes rough or turns red.

4. Aging of plating solution. If the plating bath is used for a long time, the impurities in the bath will accumulate excessively. This will inevitably lead to the abnormal color.

5. The alloy content of hard gold coating changes. Gold cobalt alloy and gold nickel alloy are widely used in hard gold plating. When the content of cobalt and nickel in the bath changes, the color of the gold coating will change. So this will lead to color difference in the same batch.

The quality of gold plating is not only a matter of appearance. It will also affect the electrical performance of the truck cable. Therefore, we have to pay more attention on the quality of the gold plating layer.

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