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How to use a obd code reader?

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When you enjoy driving on the road, the malfunction indicator light up during driving and shows: "check engine". What does it mean? The engine is a very large and complex machine, so the "check engine" does not produce many answers. This is where the OBD code reader is necessary. Using the OBD code reader allows you to find out the source of the error. Next, I will introduce how to use the OBD code reader in daily inspection of car failures.


Here is the content list:

The importance of using OBD code reader in car maintenance.

What is the working principle of OBD code reader?

What are the specific measures for using OBD code reader?


The importance of using OBD code reader in car maintenance.

First introduce the working mechanism of OBD code reader. The OBD code reader can monitor whether the exhaust gas of the car exceeds the limit from the running state of the engine at any time. Once the limit is exceeded, a warning will be issued immediately. When the system fails, the fault indicator light (MIL) or the engine check warning light is on, and the power train control module (PCM) stores the fault information in the memory, and the fault code program can be read from the PCM in some way .


Then, according to the prompt of the fault code in the OBD code reader, the maintenance personnel can quickly and accurately determine the nature and location of the fault. The OBD code reader is not only related to the automobile technology itself, but also restricted by oil products and other related conditions, which puts forward higher requirements on the driver. Therefore, OBD code reader is a system revolution for cars!


What is the working principle of OBD code reader?

OBD code reader monitor multiple systems and components, including engines, catalytic converters, particulate traps, oxygen sensors, emission control systems, fuel systems, EGR, etc. In addition, the OBD code reader is connected to the ECU component information through various emission-related methods, and the ECU has the function of detecting and analyzing emission-related failures. When an emission failure occurs, the ECU records the failure information and related codes, and warns the driver through a failure lamp.


In addition, OBD code reader is a auto diagnostic tool with a 16-pin ladder connector that can be inserted into the vehicle. With the OBD code reader and a smart phone or a computer, you don’t need any other tools. just use the obd2 code reader to connect the vehicle and the smart phone or computer. Next, take the example of V04HU Auto OBD code reader and introduce the product parameters of OBD code reader:


Part Number


Firmware version


Compatible socket

Standard 16-pin OBD-II female

Way of communication


Master chip


Compatible device

Windows computer

Operating Voltage


Working current

15 mA

stand-by current

0 mA

Operating temperature


Working humidity


Product Size

45mm * 25mm * 75mm (default cable length is 150cm)

Color options

Black or customized




What are the specific measures for using OBD code reader?

By using OBD code reader, modern vehicles make it easier to diagnose vehicle faults. You can use the OBD code reader to find out why the Check Engine indicator is on. The five-character code details the vehicle system in question, and you can even interpret the code yourself by checking its characters. Next, we will specifically introduce the steps and measures to use OBD code reader:


Step 1: Insert the OBD code reader into the OBD port

The OBD code reader has a 16-pin trapezoidal connector, and OBD port of different cars may be in different location, but in most cases, you will find it on the pedal near the driver’s side pedal. In rare cases, it will be located in the central dashboard or under the glove box. Check the user manual for the exact location of the DLC.


Step 2: Turn on the ignition switch

Turn on the ignition switch of the vehicle, but do not start the engine. Turning on the ignition will power the OBD code reader, which will begin to communicate with the vehicle's onboard computer. When the OBD code reader is started, you will see a message such as "Establish a link with OBD". If the OBD code reader does not light up when the ignition is turned on, please check the connection between the obd code reader and the connector pins. If it still does not work, please check whether the car’s auxiliary power socket has power.


Step 3: Enter the vehicle identification code

To use some OBD code readers, some situation you need to enter the vehicle identification number (VIN), vehicle model, model and engine type. This is because some OBD code readers are manufacturer-specific, so if you enter more detailed information about a specific vehicle, the code reader will be able to provide you with more accurate information.


Step 4: Find OBD code reader in the menu

Next, navigate to the "Code" menu on the OBD code reader. Different obd code reader may be different, but it is usually called a trouble code or fault code. A pending code is an error that has occurred at least once but has not yet caused the Check Engine indicator to trip. However, if the error type occurs again, the pending code will be updated to the active code, and the "Check Engine" indicator will light up.


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