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How to make customized logo for automobile OBD Scanner?

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Automobile OBD Scanner can monitor the operating state of the engine electronic control system and other functional modules of the vehicle during driving. When the abnormal operating state is found, the OBD Scanner will determine a specific fault and diagnose fault code according to a particular algorithm. We not only sell common scanners, but also sell ones with customized logo. Next, let us introduce the custom schemes and design implementations of OBD Scanner.


Article content list:

1. What do you need before customize OBD Scanner logo?

2. Can you customize logo for all OBD Scanner?

3. Precautions for customizing OBD Scanner logo


What do you need to customize before the OBD Scanner logo?

First, you should determine the logo of the OBD Scanner. OBD Scanner's logo is designed in OBD Scanner, label, brochure or packaging design pattern. Custom printing refers to the specified text content printed on the OBD Scanner, label, booklet or package. Below, let's discuss logos and text on OBD Scanner or Code Reader.

Automobile OBD Scanner 

Can you customize logo for all OBD Scanner?

Fiberall can customize logo and print on Auto OBD Scanner or Code Reader. However, not all OBD Scanner or Code Reader is suitable for printing. For example, white is the best color for printing, but it is difficult to display a lot of colors on black OBD Scanner. Other colors can also use custom prints, but only a small amount of color can be used.


In addition to the color of the OBD Scanner and Code Reader, the shape or design is another factor that needs to be considered. Some of the surfaces of OBD Scanner are smooth and easy to print. However, certain types of OBD Scanner have uneven surfaces, or even cereals or irregular shapes. These special shapes are not suitable for printing. At the same time, we should pay attention to custom logo and printed materials:

Customize the actual effect of OBD Scanner, may be slightly different from the design;

Sometimes, we need to transfer the customer's design file to the print file, and during the transmission process, slight color difference may occur.

Monochrome is easy to print. If there are many colors in the logo or print content, it is much more complicated. In the printing process, if the logo or print content has different colors, you need to print a color first, then print another color. If the design is complex, the printing process will become complex, so problems may occur. Therefore, you may find that the printing on the OBD Scanner is not able to be as the same as the designed one.


If the logo or print content is complex and has many different colors, the printing cost will also be higher. Therefore, the price of OBD Scanner will also increase.

After you start printing, you cannot change anything. If there is any problem, the texture, color, and the like, the box or housing will be useless. Therefore, check and confirm the design file before production, design sketches and samples are very important.

There are differences in color between different batches. This means that the color of the OBD Scanner you ordered next time may be slightly different from the color of the OBD Scanner you subscribed to.


Precautions for Customizing OBD Scanner logo

If you are unable to print logo or custom text content on the OBD Scanner, try other methods.


For small orders, the custom label is pasted on the surface of OBD Scanner;

If the logo or print content you want to use cannot be transferred to print files, cannot be modified and transferred or cannot be printed on OBD Scanner, you can choose to customize your logo.


If the OBD Scanner surface or pattern is not uniform, the label cannot be pasted on the surface, consider using custom packaging.

If you are interested in the new mold of OBD Scanner, we can develop new molds for you. The logo is carved directly on the wood grain on the OBD Scanner.


Fiberall Custom OBD Scanner is a smart device with remote diagnostic functions that provides detailed vehicle data, so as to achieve remote vehicle diagnostic services and improve the quality of services. Also, make sure you have the logo and design of intellectual property rights used. Typically, we need to view trademark registration certificates or files to confirm that you have ownership of the logo to avoid infringement.

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