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Handle OBD To DB15 Female Car Diagnostic Adapter

This is a molded type auto diagnostic obd adapter. It can be a replacement for obd cable when it is necessary. Obd adapter is easier to handle and smaller than obd cable. It is with OBD male and DB15 female connector. Production way of the obd adapter is one time injection. So it is with excellent durability and long use life. User can use the obd adapter in harsh environment and do not worry about damage.
  • FA-AD-OC03M
  • Fiberall

Parameters of OBD2 To DB15 Conversion Adapter

Interface 1: OBD2 16pin Male

Interface 2: DB15 Female

Working voltage: 12V

Body Material: ABS, PVC or customized

Pin Material: Plated Brass or Plated Copper

Pin Definition: upon drawing

Wire Gauge: 26AWG

Color: Black or customized

Place of Origin: China

Minimum order quantity: 300pcs

Working temperature: -10-85 ℃


Main Characteristics of Car Diagnostic OBDii Adapter

1, With compact size, easy for storage and carrying;

2, With high quality material, flame retardant, high temperature resistant;

3, Formed by injection, with strong durability and long use life;

4, Female or male interface are available;

5, The obd adapter is compliant with international and industrial standards, with wide compatibility;

6, All production procedures of the obd adapter are under strict quality control;

7, Appointed material, pin assignment, wire specification, color, label and packing are acceptable;


Order Information of OBD to DB Serial Diagnostic Adapter


Product Number

Name & Descriptions



OBD Adapter 16Pin Male to DB15 Female



OBD Diagnostic   Adapter 16Pin Male to DB15 Female Molded



Auto OBD Adapter 16Pin Male to DB15   Female Partial Assembled



Car Diagnostic OBDii Adapter 16Pin   Male to DB26 Female



OBD Conversion Adapter 16Pin Male to DB26 Male


Typical Application of The Car Diagnostic OBD Adapter

1. The DLC interface (OBD socket) of some vehicle models is relatively deep. When using the mini OBD code reader or other diagnostic tools, the length of the external device is relatively short. And it is difficult to plug the interface into the DLC directly. So the OBD adapter can extend the interface to the outside, so as to better plug in the external diagnostic tools;

2. Interface of some old diagnostic tools is not OBD2 interface, but the OBD1 interface. Or other types of interfaces such as DB serial port. In order to make the diagnostic tools match the DLC interface of the car, it is necessary to use the OBD adapter;

3. Some vehicle diagnostic interfaces are only equipped with female connector, which is also a common practice in automobile industry. However, the interface of some external diagnostic tools is not OBD male connector. At this situation, if the diagnostic tools want to match the vehicle, they need a male to female OBD adapter.

4. In some cases, the location of the OBD socket is relatively hidden or deep. So it is necessary to use an obd adapter to extend the connector to a location where it is easy to plug and unplug. If you use a long obd cable, it takes up more space. So it is more appropriate to choose an OBD adapter that is not too long.

5. The OBD adapter is hand shank type, which is more convenient to hold. It is easier to plug and unplug with an obd adapter that is easier to hold.

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