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HDB26 To BENZ 38Pin OBD1 Vehicle Diagnostic Cable

FA-DC-MB23 BENZ auto diagnostic cable is with HDB26 female and BENZ 38Pin male connector. It is for 12V Mercedes-Benz vehicles with 38pin obd1 connector. The wire gauge of the vehicle diagnostic cable can be 22 to 26 AWG, and other spec is customizable.
  • FA-DC-MB23
  • Fiberall

Parameters of FA-DC-MB23 BENZ Vehicle Diagnostic Cable

Part Number


Connector 1

HDB26 Female

Connector 2

BENZ 38Pin Male

Supported vehicle

For Mercedes Car

Working voltage




Cable length

According to order

Connector plastic parts


Jacket Material


Wire specification


PIN material

Plated copper

Cable shape


Contact Resistance

3 Ohm maximum

Insulation Resistance

5M Ohm minimum

Environment Temperature Range

−25℃ ~ +85℃

Testing Voltage

DC300V 5M ohm/10ms

Packing material

Plastic bag/Carton


Main Features & Advantages of FA-DC-MB23 BENZ Diagnostic Cable

1, The vehicle diagnostic cable is with standard 38Pin connector. It is compatible with all Mercedes-Benz vehicles with 38pin diagnostic connector;

2, Made with high quality material and with durable performance;

3, Fiberall is with more than 10 years’ experience in vehicle diagnostic cable. We are able to provide rich experience and technology support for your customized design;

4, All vehicle diagnostic cables are 100% tested before shipping to guarantee the best quality;

5, New mold development based on sample or drawing is acceptable;

6, Manufacturer direct deal, competitive price, large production capacity and on time delivery;

7, Appointed certificate is available on request;

8, Materials of the vehicle diagnostic cable is ROHS compliant;

9, As for after-sale for the vehicle diagnostic cable, we provide replacement due to quality problems within 12 months. But we do not provide warranty for manmade damage.


Wire Gauge of Vehicle Diagnostic Cable

Wire gauge is an important parameter of vehicle diagnostic cable. It represents conductor (core) specification of the automobile diagnostic cable. AWG (American wire gauge) got its name because it was first used in the United States.

What's the meaning of the values in front of AWG (such as 24 AWG and 26 AWG)? It indicates the number of holes that the wire needs to pass before forming the final diameter. The higher the value is, the higher the grade of holes. and the smaller the diameter of the vehicle diagnostic cable.

Thick wire has better physical strength and lower resistance. But the thicker the wire is, the more copper is needed to make the auto diagnostic cable. And it will make the vehicle diagnostic cable heavier, more difficult to transport and more expensive.

The challenge of vehicle diagnostic cable design is to use conductors of the smallest diameter possible. In order to reduce cost and installation complexity, but to ensure the maximum capacity of conductors at the necessary voltage and frequency. Fiberall's automotive diagnostic cable usually use 22-26 AWG cores. Other specifications can also be customized according to customer requirements.

The wire gauge was made more than 100 years ago. But it still has important reference significance for today's production of vehicle diagnostic cable. However, the quality or performance of automobile diagnostic cable cannot be judged by wire gauge alone. With the development of technology, the performance of conductor is improving. Performance of the vehicle diagnostic cable is more important, especially the impedance in ohm. Therefore, the actual size of the wire can be slightly larger or smaller than the actual specification. It will not affect the performance of the vehicle diagnostic cable.

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