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Global Auto Diagnostic Tool Solution Recruitment

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Fiberall Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is a Chinese enterprise specializing in R&D and production of automotive diagnostic tools. In order to keep pace with the world's advanced auto diagnostic technology. As well as enhance the exchange of automotive diagnostic technology. And provide better, more comprehensive and more advanced auto diagnostic tools to the market. We are recruiting automotive diagnostic tool solutions from all over the world.


Objects Involved in the Solution Recruitment:

1. Enterprises, groups or individuals engaged in the research and development of automotive diagnostic tool;

2. Enterprises, groups or individuals engaged in appearance design of auto diagnostic product;

3. Enterprises, groups or individuals engaged in software development of automobile diagnostic tool;

4. Enterprises, groups or individuals engaged in the functional development of vehicle diagnostic equipment;

5. Enterprises, groups or individuals engaged in the improvement of obd diagnostic tool.


Products Involved in the Solution Recruitment:

1, Mini type Bluetooth OBD code reader (Bluetooth 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, BLE);

2, Mini type WIFI OBD code reader (for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac);

3, Mini type USB OBD code reader; (RS232, USB, Type-C);

4, Handheld OBD Diagnostic Tool;

5, Handheld Battery Tester;

6, OBD GPS Tracker;

7, Auto Key Programmer;

8, Comprehensive Auto Diagnostic Equipment (table type);

9, Touch Screen Automobile Diagnostic Instrument (pad type).

Similar product for automotive diagnosis or test is within the scope of the recruitment.


Product Functions Involved in the Solution Recruitment:

Basic Function (Diagnostic Function): Read fault code, erase trouble code, real time data, I/M readiness, frozen frame, Vin code, vehicle information etc.

Special Function (Maintenance & Repair): Reset, Programming, Matching, Decoding, Calibration, Adaption, Initialization, Writing, Replacement, Setting etc.……

Service Function (System Functions):GPS positioning, Alarm, Report, Remote assistance, Auto parts inquiry, Maintenance data query; Original technical bulletin, Circuit diagram and component location diagram, Fault location map; Scanning and generating system topology, Other functions of original factory diagnostic software……


The functions listed above are limited to the length of the article. We only list a brief description for reference, detailed functions can consult us. If you have other meaningful function solution, we will also consider it.


Ways of Cooperation:

1. Production service: the solution ownership of the auto diagnostic tool belongs to you, your group, or your company. We only accept your entrustment to produce and sell the product;

2. Joint Research and Development:  It bases on your solution, our experience, technology and staff. We will jointly transform your idea into complete engine diagnostic tool. And finally put it into production;

3. Solution compatibility: If you have an app or software solution, and you just want to find a compatible product, or a partner who can make the software into an actual product;

4. Copyright buyout: If your scheme is complete and meets our requirements, we will consider to buy out the copyright, including complete solution for the vehicle diagnostic tool, or only design, software, etc.

5. Other cooperation ways can be discussed.


If you are a practitioner of automotive diagnostic tool, you are familiar with OBD code reader, automotive diagnostic tools or similar products. And you have complete solution or partial solution for the mentioned products, or resources for appearance design, operating system, application software and function development of these auto diagnostic tools, please contact us.

This article only gives a general introduction to the recruitment. If you are interested in the recruitment, please contact us for more details. Contact information:


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