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ELM327 OBDii Car Engine Scanner & Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool

FA-V01L2-1 car obd scanner is for customized orders. Its customized features include color, carved content, packing, App, BT name, MAC, pairing code etc. It is with bonding chip which is with favorable cost. And it supports Android and Windows devices and OBD-II vehicles.
  • FA-V01L2-1

Function Description of FA-V01L2-1 ELM327 OBD Scanner 

The obd scanner is with similar function as ELM327 scan tool. It is able to check diagnostic trouble code. The trouble code can help the user know what’s the problem. So that can arrange maintenance for the vehicle in time. And it also can eliminate the trouble code after solving the problem. So that the check engine light will not be on again. If not, the old trouble code will appear with the new codes and it will bring confusion for user. Other than code diagnosis, the obd scanner also can provide real time sensor data or data stream to user. User can judge the fault or other problem via the data. If we use the car obd scanner with different application, we also can enjoy different features. Such as driving analysis, fuel analysis, alarm report and so on.


Fiberall Advantages on Diagnostic OBD Scanner

Fiberall is with over ten years’ experience in obd scanner. We have rich experience in R&D, production and trading of obd scanner. We are able to provide all kinds car obd scanner to our customers. Such as mini type, handheld type, Bluetooth, WiFI type or USB type. We have copyright and patent for our obd scanners. No matter appearance, Bluetooth module, or software. And we are able to provide all kinds customized service to our partners. Our customized service include new housing, new PCB, new App, new component, new label, new packing and so on. As a manufacturer, we are able to provide high quality, competitive price and controllable lead time for obd scanners.


Common Problems of Poor Car OBD Scanner

1. Poor compatibility. The compatibility of diagnostic OBD scanner mainly includes two aspects. One is the compatibility between engine OBD scanner and automobile. Another aspect is compatibility between car OBD scanner and app or other external devices. Our OBD scanner supports standard OBD-II vehicles. And the vehicle should support standard OBD-II protocols. FA-V01L2-1 car OBD scanner is a Bluetooth device. It can support Android and windows external devices. In terms of APP compatibility, our OBD scanner can support multiple apps. Such as Torque, Dashcommand, ScanMaster-ELM etc. If you select apps that are bound with the specified OBD scanner model, it may meet compatibility problem.

2. Signal instability: The signal of FA-V01L2-1 ELM327 OBD scanner is transmitted through Bluetooth module. The quality of Bluetooth module will affect the speed and stability of transmission. The transmission rate, transmission distance and endurance of OBD scanner are affected by Bluetooth module. Using poor quality Bluetooth module will not only affect the quality of data transmission. But it also affect the life of OBD scanner.

3. Rough workmanship: For example, the shell has burrs, the injection point is too large, and the surface is rough. It will not only affect the appearance, but also bring harm to users. The size accuracy, matching and insertion force of connector will affect the physical performance of OBD scanner. If the internal welding is not in place, the circuit of car OBD scanner may be damaged. Such as false welding, or excessive welding on contact parts.

4. Less functions: the underlying software used in the development of OBD scanner has less functions. Or the app is not perfect enough to realize the function of OBD scanner.

Therefore, when choosing car OBD scanner, we must pay attention to its compatibility, chips and modules. As well as its technology and function.

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