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ELM327 OBD2 Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool for iPhone

FA-VC201 is a WiFi type OBD2 scan tool for OBD-II vehicles. It is also named obd2 engine checker, check engine code reader, obdii data logger, obd dongle, obd2 adapter etc. It is bigger than other mini type vehicle scan tools but is convenient for handling. Its manufacturer Fiberall Technology is specialized in OEM ODM and development service for different vehicle scan tools. If you want customized version of this obd2 scan tool, please contact Fiberall without hesitation.
  • FA-VC201
  • Viecar
  • WiFi
  • iOS, Android, Windows

Basic Data of FA-VC201 Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool

Product Number


Communication mode


Connector type

Standard 16Pin OBD-II Male

Supported vehicle

Models support listed OBD-II protocols

Working operating system

Windows, Android, iOS

Default Color


Scan tool size


Default packing size


Working voltage

DC 9V~16V



Customized features

Color, MAC, WiFi name, pair code, packing, label, housing, PCB,   components


Trade Matters for FA-VC201 OBD2 Vehicle Scan Tool

1, If you what you want to order is our standard product without customized features, there is no minimum order qty. If you want to order customized OBD2 vehicle scan tool, generally the MOQ is 1000pcs.

2, There are many customized features for options. As for color, other than black, we also provide blue, red, yellow, white and so on. As for packing, you can choose plastic bag or cardboard box. And there are many solution if you want to show your logo or company information. You can carved it on the housing of the diagnostic scan tool. Or print on the label, packing and user manual. And you also can show it as WiFi name.

3, We only accept formal order with contract and invoice. Order from online shop is not applicable for customized OBD2 vehicle scan tool.

4, There are many retailers in the market who sell our obd2 diagnostic scan tools or similar product. But we do not have direct deal online shop at the moment. If you want to buy from us, please contact us directly.

5, We provide many shipping options. We always recommend the best way to our partner according to weight and volume of the cargo. If you have better solution, you also can arrange shipping via your forwarder.


Communication Module of Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool

FA-VC201 vehicle diagnostic scan tool is a WiFi wireless communication device. Its communication function is realized by WiFi module. If it is Bluetooth or USB vehicle scan tool, it also realizes communication through Bluetooth module or serial module.

The communication module of vehicle diagnostic scan tool supports 802.11b/g/n wireless standard, which has wide universality and compatibility. The provincial motor system of communication module also determines whether vehicle diagnostic scan tool has low power consumption. The upgrade function of communication module will also affect the subsequent upgrade function of vehicle diagnostic scan tool.

In order to ensure the security of vehicle diagnostic scan tool, the communication modules should meet the requirements of FCC and CE. Vehicle diagnostic scan tools provided by Fiberall can meet these two authentication requirements.

The MAC address and WiFi name of vehicle diagnostic scan tool are also implemented through communication module. If you need to customize MAC address, WiFi name or Bluetooth name, it will be done via communication module. The MAC of vehicle diagnostic scan tool is usually unique. Which can effectively prevent the data security problems caused by IP theft.

The communication speed, stability and security of vehicle diagnostic scan tool are determined by communication module. But the performance of communication modules in the market is not uniform, and the differences are huge. How to select a stable and reliable communication module for vehicle diagnostic scan tool? It is a difficult problem for all vehicle diagnostic scan tool manufacturers. The communication modules used by Fiberall are famous brands. The quality is guaranteed and the performance is excellent. We also have our own solutions. If you need vehicle diagnostic scan tool with price advantage, you can also choose our own communication module. And you can also order the communication module separately.

ELM327 OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool

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