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DB25 To J1939 Commercial Heavy-duty Truck Jumper Cable

FA-DC-TC33 truck jumper cable is with DB25 male connector and J1939 9pin male plug. Its main parts are in black color and the 9pin plug is in green. The truck cable is suitable for heavy duty vehicles. Not only truck, other transportation tool like bus, agricultural machine with diesel engine are also workable.
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Main Features of FA-DC-TC33 Heavy-duty Truck Jumper Cable 

1. The truck cable is with standard J1939 plug, with widely application range. It is suitable for trucks, buses, construction machinery and agricultural vehicles etc.

2. Adopt thermoplastic material with wide working temperature range and high quality connector with excellent sealing. So it can stand extreme temperature and humidity. And it also cable to prevent dust, dirt, moisture, salt, oil, vibration and other damage effectively. Thus it is suitable for severe application environment.

3. The J1939 truck cable is with high anti-seismic capability and suitable for use in vehicles.

4. We offer a variety of material choice for the truck cable. Buyer can choose the ideal solution according to real situation.

5. Pin definition can be customizable according to different applications.

6. The color of J1939 9pin connector can be different. Such as yellow, black, blue, red, etc.


Product Parameters of FA-DC-TC33 J1939 Truck Jumper Cable

Part No.


Plug One

DB15 male

Plug Two

J1939 9pin male

Support vehicle

Heavy trucks

Compatible voltage

DC 24V-36V

J1939 plug material

PA66+glass fiber (GF) or ABS+PC

Jacket material

PVC or customized

Cable length

1ft, 2ft, 3ft~10ft, customizable

Metal parts

Nickel, silver, gold plated copper or brass

Wire gauge

AWG 26 to 20

Cable color


Pin Definition


Environment Temperature


Customized Features

Material, length, color, label, packing


How Long is the Service Life of Truck Jumper Cable?

When choosing truck jumper cable, we may be concerned about its service life. So how long is the service life of truck jumper cable?

1. Truck jumper cable is a passive tool. Its service life is not like other diagnostic tools. In general, its life does not depend on the life of internal parts.

2. Normally, service life of the truck cable can be very long. If there is no external damage, it can work for more than ten years or even more than 20 years. But external damage is always existent. There are many factors that affect the service life of the truck jumper cable. For example, the quality of materials, the application environment, human factors and so on. For example, there is no corrosive substances, such as oil, dust, moisture, vibration, etc. Then it will have a longer life. If it is with good quality materials, small wear, good corrosion resistance, then it can also extend its life. If there is no external influence like excessive bending, rolling, or vibration, its service life will be also longer.

3. If it should use an index to measure the life of the truck cable, we usually use mating times. And we also call it durability. Durability means that performance of truck jumper cable reaches the limit when mating time reach a certain number. In general, the durability of our truck jumper cable can achieve more than 5000 matches. Some products with excellent performance can even reach more than 10000 times. In other words, even you use it every day, its use life will be more than ten to twenty years.

Therefore, as long as you can pay attention to the quality of the truck jumper cable when you select it. You generally don't have to worry about its service life.

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