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DB15P To Cummins 9Pin J1939 Truck Diagnostic Cable

FA-DC-TC10 is a truck diagnostic cable for heavy duty trucks or other heavy-duty vehicles with Cummins engine. It is with DB15P male connector and Cummins 9Pin male plug. The 9Pin male plug of truck diagnostic cable is in yellow color and the color is customizable.
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Main Features of FA-DC-TC10 Cummins Truck Diagnostic Cable

1, The truck cable is suitable for autotruck, heavy-duty truck or other heavy duty vehicle with Cummins engine.

2, The over-molded part of 1939 plug is yellow, other color can be customized.

3, There are many wire materials (conductor) available for the truck diagnostic cable. Buyer can select the right one according to requirement.

4, OEM and ODM service is acceptable.

5, Each procedure has a clear operation guidance document, ensure the production process is clear and orderly.

6, Connector shape and pin definition meet protocol requirements, ensure the compatibility of the truck diagnostic cable.

7, Factory with over 10 years production experience in truck diagnostic cable. With advanced equipment and mature technology. Ensure the quality of the truck cable.


Parameters of FA-DC-TC10 J1939 Truck Diagnostic Cable

Model Number


Connector 1

DB15 male

Connector 2

J1939   9pin male

Supported vehicle

Heavy-duty vehicles with Cummins engine

Compatible voltage

24V to 36V

J1939 plug material

PA66+glass fiber (GF)

Jacket material

PVC or customized

Cable length

1ft, 2ft, 3ft~10ft, as order

Conductor material

Copper, bare or plated

Wire spec

20~26 AWG

Cable color


Pin assignment


Pin material

Plated copper or brass

Environment temperature





Materials Introduction of Common Wire in Truck Diagnostic Cable

Wire or core is the conductor of the truck diagnostic cable. It is an essential part of a truck cable or other auto diagnostic cables. There are many different wires for options in the market. Fiberall hereby list the common ones as below for buyer’s reference.

1. Bare copper wire, excellent electrical performance, but easy to oxidize. In practical production, many customers appoint pure copper wire for the truck cable. But in our opinion, for long term use, the cladded copper wire will be better. 

2. Silver plated copper wire, has better electrical performance than tin plated copper wire. But it increases the cost of the truck diagnostic cable.

3. Polyurethane enameled wire, it is special material with high strength and special softness.

4. Copper foil wire, it is with good conduction and signal, good flexibility. But it is easy to absorb water because of the fiber core, leading to oxidation and blackening.

5. Tinned copper wire, with good conduction and signal. Stranded conductor is more flexible. And tinned wire can effectively prevent oxidation. So it is often used in truck diagnostic cables.

6. Copper clad steel, steel wrapped in copper. It has the electrical conductivity of copper, and toughness of steel. But the electrical signal attenuation is too fast, so it is not suitable to be used for communication. Some truck diagnostic cables with low cost is with such a conductor. But it is not ideal for truck diagnosis.

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