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DB15 To Cummins J1939 Heavy-duty Truck Diagnostic Cable

The J1939 diagnostic cable is for heavy-duty truck with Cummins engine. It is with DB15 male connector, Cummins J1939 9Pin male plug and it is with electrical wire.
  • FA-DC-TC12
  • Fiberall

Product Parameters of FA-DC-TC12 Heavy-duty Truck Cable

Product No.


Connector 1

DB15 male

Connector 2

J1939 9pin male

Applicable models

Heavy-duty vehicles

Working voltage

DC 24V ~ 36V

J1939 plug material

PA66+glass fiber (GF)

Sheath material

PVC or customized

Cable length

1ft, 2ft, 3ft~10ft, upon order

Metal parts

copper or brass, plated or bare, customizable

Wire gauge

20~26 AWG

Cable color


Pin assignment


Application Temperature


Customized features

Material, length, color, label, packing




Material Quality Influence on Truck Diagnostic Cable

Good materials have crucial impact on performance and service life of truck diagnostic cable. However, due to fierce market competition, some suppliers make efforts to reduce the cost by using poor materials. For example, they use recycled PVC for outer jacket. Use recycled copper, copper-clad aluminum, stainless steel wire or other mixtures for wire.

The jacket of truck diagnostic cable is not for shielding only. It also ensure stable transmission for the truck diagnostic cable. It also protect conductor of truck diagnostic cable and avoid damage. So it can affect performance and use life of the truck diagnostic cable. If the outer jacket is with poor quality materials, it will be easy to crack and age. And the truck diagnostic cable will be lack of softness, with poor crushing resistance and poor heating resistance. If the injection molding part is made of inferior materials, it will also be easy to crack and abrase. So hardness of the connector will be insufficient, or the elasticity is too poor. These problem will affects the plugging ability of the truck diagnostic cable.

Wire is the key role in conduction and transmission of truck diagnostic cable. The material of wire accounts for a large proportion in the truck diagnostic cable. And main cost of the truck diagnostic cable concentrates on the wires. So this is main reason for dishonest manufacturers to cheat. If the wire material is not good, the conductivity and transmission performance of the truck diagnostic cable will be poor. It will lead to slow transmission and poor signal. Bad wire will even damage the connected equipment due to large internal resistance. Moreover, poor wire materials will cause poor flexibility and insufficient tensile strength. Which will bring inconvenience for installation and use, and cannot guarantee service life of truck diagnostic cable.


Tips for Choosing Materials for Auto Diagnostic Cables

When choosing materials, we should choose brand-new high-quality materials. Such as high quality plastic PA66, PVC, ABS, PC plastics, etc. Not only antioxidant capacity, but also need to consider hardness, elasticity, heat resistance, environmental protection and other issues.

When choosing conductor materials, brass and bronze are generally first choice to ensure good conductivity and softness. The common coating materials are tin, gold, nickel and other materials. Which need to select according to different parts. Fiberall have rich experience to use advantages of different materials and combine them reasonably. So that we can ensure the truck diagnostic cable has low resistance, capacitance, inductance, and output sufficient current. Only in this way can we provide truck diagnostic cable with competitive cost and high quality to our customers.

J1939 Truck Diagnostic Cable

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