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DB15 To Carter J1708 J1939 Truck Cable Adapter

This is a diagnostic cable for truck. It is with DB15 male connector, one 6pin J1708 plug and one J1939 9pin plug. It is a splitter adapter which is able to support two external devices. Customized features for the truck cable is acceptable.
  • FA-DC-TC11
  • Fiberall

Features of FA-DC-TC11 J1708 J1939 Truck Cable Adapter

1, Plug and connector of the truck cable is compliant with industrial and international standards.

2, The standard connector and plug is with excellent matching ability.

3, Over-molded part on J1708 J1939 plug can protect the connection part. And it increases tensile of the truck cable adapter.

4, The wire is copper and ensure the communication performance. And the truck cable is softer for bending.

5, Both plastic and metal parts of the truck cable are with high temperature resistance. Suitable for hot environment with intense heat.

6, Material of conductor, jacket and packing are customizable.

7, Customized features for the truck cable like color, length, label, packing are acceptable.

8, Factory direct deal, with high quality, competitive and on time delivery.


Parameters of FA-DC-TC11 Truck Cable Adapter

Product Number


Connector 1

DB15 male

Connector 2

J1708 6pin male

Connector 3

J1939 9pin male

Workable vehicle

Heavy-duty vehicles with CATERPILLAR engine

Working voltage

DC 24V ~ 36V

J1708 and J1939 plug material

PA66+glass fiber (GF)

Isolator material

PVC or customized

Cable length

1ft, 2ft, 3ft~10ft, upon order

Wire material

Bare or plated copper

Wire specification

20~26 AWG

Cable color


Pin out


Contact parts

Plated copper or brass

Temperature range


Complaint Certificate



What is J1939 in Truck Diagnostic Cable?

We often see J1939 in the description of diagnostic truck cable. What is J1939? J1939 refers to the J1939 protocol.

The J1939 protocol is a set of standards defined by the society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The J1939 standard is special for heavy duty vehicles such as trucks, buses and mobile hydraulics. In many ways, the J1939 standard is similar to the older versions of the J1708 and J1587 standards. But the standard protocol of J1939 bases on can (controller area network, iso11898).

J1939 standard provide descriptions for physical layer, link layer and application layer. The physical layer (J1939/11) describes the electrical interface for can bus. This interface hereby is also the connector of our truck diagnostic cable. The data link layer describes the rules of constructing message, accessing bus and diagnosing transmission fault. The application layer (J1939/71 and J1939/73) defines the specific data of each message transmitted in the network.

Nowadays, most vehicles communicate with ECU through can (controller area network). However, can bus only provides the basis of communication (like telephone), but does not provide the "language" of dialogue for more complex operations. In most large vehicles, this "language" is the SAE J1939 standard defined by the society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). In professional terms, it is: Based on the "physical layer" of can, J1939 provides a high layer protocol (HLP).

In short, J1939 standardizes the communication between ECUs. In other words, the J1939 protocol provides a common language for different truck related suppliers. This makes it possible to use different diagnostic tools on different trucks, including our J1939 truck cable.

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