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DB15 To BMW 10Pin ICOM Motorcycle Diagnostic Cable

This diagnostic cable is for BMW motorcycle and motorbike. It is with DB15 female connector and BMW 10Pin female plug. It supports BMW ICOM diagnostic tool and it is compatible with D interface. The BMW ICOM diagnostic cable is with pin assignment as the original one. It is able to work most of BMW motorcycles.
  • FA-DC-BM06
  • Fiberall

Main Features of BMW ICOM Diagnostic Cable 

1, The diagnostic cable is equal to the D cable of old version ICOM diagnostic tool for BMW. It is compatible with BMW ICOM or BMW ICOM A2.

2, It is for diagnosis of BMW Motorcycles, does not suitable for car.

3, The cable is with high quality brand new materials.

4, All wires are copper with excellent conductive performance.

5, Customized features are acceptable.

6, Factory direct deal. With competitive price, ensured quality and on time delivery.


Parameters of FA-DC-BM06 BMW Motorcycle Diagnostic Cable

Part Number


Connector 1

DB15 Female

Connector 2

BMW 10Pin


BMW motorcycle and motorbike, ICOM diagnostic tool

Working voltage




Cable Length

1m or customized

Plastic part

PA66, ABS, PC or other

Jacket Material


Wire gauge

AWG 26~20

Material of contact parts

Plated copper or brass

Cable shape


Contact Resistance

3 Ohm maximum

Insulation Resistance

5M Ohm minimum

Operating Temperature

−25℃ ~ +85℃

Testing Condition

DC300V 5M ohm/10ms

Default packing

Plastic bag/Carton


Order Information


Part Number

Name and Descriptions



BMW Diagnostic Cable for Motorcycle DB15 Female To BMW10pin



BMW Auto Diagnostic Cable OBD2 Female To BMW10pin


Environmental Performance of Diagnostic Cable

The environmental performance of automobile or motorcycle diagnostic cable mainly includes three main performances. Temperature resistance, humidity resistance and impact resistance.

1. Temperature resistance

The diagnostic cable is for motorcycle which always generate heat. So sometimes ambient temperature for the cable may be high. So it requires to be with high temperature resistance. The maximum working temperature in the industry is generally 200 ℃. In some special cases, it is also used in low temperature environment. So low temperature resistance is also necessary. The minimum working temperature is -65 ℃ in the industry. Of course, the maximum and lowest temperatures are both extreme temperatures, which are not usual condition. Therefore, in the actual production, the temperature requirements will be lower due to cost of material. For example, it only need to reach -40-85 ℃ in general.

2. Humidity resistance

Why we need to pay attention to the humidity resistance of diagnostic cable? Metal parts are easy to corrode in humid environment. In some cases, the cable may need to work in wet environments. Therefore, the humidity resistance has become an important performance in environmental performance. Generally speaking, qualified diagnostic cable shall work continuously for 96 hours at 90% - 95% relative humidity. And the test temperature should be -40 ± 20 ℃.

3. Impact resistance

Impact resistance is an important performance index in environmental performance. It represents the robustness of diagnostic cable. Including the impact resistance of the joint and the metal part coating. Under the action of impact force, there are no deformation, cracking, even falling off.

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