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DB15 J1708 To 6Pin Cummins Diagnostic Truck Cable

The truck cable is with DB15 male connector, J1708 6pin female plug and Cummins 6Pin male plug. It is a splitter cable compatible with two devices. Customized material, brand of connector, packing, length are allowable.
  • FA-DC-TC14
  • Fiberall

Main Characteristics of FA-DC-TC14 J1708 Truck Cable

1, All wires of the truck cable is in accordance with UL2464 standard.

2, Conductor wire is able to withstand 300VDC test voltage.

3, Metal material for pins, terminal and wires is non-corrosive.

4, All material are RoHS compliant and with excellent fire resistance.

5, Customizable feature for the truck cable is acceptable.

6, Local plug or brand plug like Deutsch is available for option.

7, With advanced test equipment and strict quality control team to ensure high quality.

8, Factory direct deal, with competitive price and on time delivery.

9, The truck cable is with good sealing and temperature resistance, suitable for use in harsh environment.


Main Parameters of FA-DC-TC14 Truck Diagnostic Cable 

Product Number


Plug 1

DB15 male

Plug 2

J1708 6pin female

Plug 3

J1708 6pin male

Workable models

Heavy-duty vehicles

Applicable voltage

DC 24V ~ 36V

Plug material

PA66+glass fiber (GF) or customized

Jacket material

PVC or customized

Cable length


Metal parts

plated copper or brass, or customized

Wire gauge

AWG 26~20

Cable color


Pin definition

According to drawing

Operation Temperature Range


Customized features

Material, length, color, pin out, label,   packing

Note: We provide many material options for the truck cable. The material in the form is for reference only.


Use of Plastic in Truck Cable

Plastic takes up a large proportion in all materials of truck cable. In addition to connector and plug, there are also over molded parts and jacket. All these are plastic parts. So what are the use of plastic parts?

1. Insulate and isolate metal parts. Metal parts are an important part of truck cable to realize conductive and communication functions. Whether it's terminals, pins, or wires, all of them need insulation of plastic. Good conductive insulation can reduce FMI/EMI/EMC interference for the truck cable during use. At the same time, it can also guarantee the application frequency, transmission speed and stability of the truck cable. At the same time, it can also protect the safety of users.

2. Fix terminal and pins in correct position to ensure the mutual matching and dimensional stability of the connector. Shape of connector is not the only factor to affect matching. It also depends on whether the pin of male connector and the hole of female connector are accurate or not. The plastic parts can fix them in the correct position. So as to ensure the matching between the truck cable and other interfaces.

3. Provide mechanical protection and support for the truck cable. Plastic parts can avoid external force to damage the metal parts during use. It can also ensure the plug and unplug force of the connector. So as to ensure there is no damage to truck cable, external equipment or DLC interface of truck.

4. Reduce corrosion of metal parts. It is difficult to avoid moisture, oil and other corrosive substances in the working environment of truck cable. The plastic parts can prevent metal parts from corrosion, so as to guarantee performance and prolong service life.

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