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Best WiFi OBD OBD2 Scanner for iOS iPhone

FA-B33H is an customized version obd scanner. It supports wireless WiFi communication. It is with separate Wifi module and Fiberall is able to make customized WiFi name, pair code and MAC address for it. It is with more faster transmission speed than the Bluetooth type. And it is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows system.
  • FA-B33H
  • Fiberall

Main Characteristic of FA-B33H OBD Scanner

1, The obd scanner is mini type with compact size.

2, Its default color is black and we also provide white and blue for option. Other appointed colors are allowable.

3, It supports wireless communication, just need to use with mobile phone or other wifi equipment. There is no need to use cable to connect.

4, The wifi obd scanner is with wide compatibility. It is able to work on OBD-II compliant vehicles. And it is also workable on Android, Windows or iOS devices.

5, Fiberall is able to make customized label, pair code, WiFi name, MAC address, color for it.

6, If you have your own solution and need to use appointed component, it is negotiable.


Product Parameters of FA-B33H WIFI OBD2 Scanner 

Part Number


Interface type

16pin OBD2 male

Communication method





Black, Blue, White

Supported operating system  

Android, Windows, iOS

Operating voltage


Output protocol

RS232 serial port

Baud rate


Working current


Main application

Read and erase trouble   code, display live data

Compatible vehicle

OBD-II model with the   below protocols

Supported protocols

ISO15765-4, ISO14230-4(KWP2000), ISO9141-2, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM

Adapter dimension



Relationship Between Data Stream and OBD Scanner

In the description of OBD scanner, there is a function of reading data stream. What is data stream? What's the use of it?

Vehicle data stream refers to the data parameters that ECU communicates with sensors and actuators. It can be read by OBD scanner, OBD2 code reader or OBDii diagnostic tool through the diagnostic interface.

The data stream is real-time and changes with time and vehicle condition. The data flow truly reflects the working voltage and state of each sensor and actuator. User or maintenance personnel can take them as the input and output data of automobile ECU. And user can know the working condition of automobile at any time. It provides the basis for the automobile fault diagnosis, so as to diagnose the automobile fault in time. Through the data stream, you can also set the operation data of the car.

Generally, OBD scanner is able to monitor data streams as follows:

① Throttle opening.

② Engine speed.

③ Coolant temperature at start-up.

④ Oxygen sensor working status.

⑤ Carbon canister command.

⑥ Injection pulse width signal.

⑦ Intake idle speed control.

⑧ Ignition advance angle.

⑨ Intake manifold pressure.

⑩ Air flow.

⑪ Intake air temperature.

There are two forms of data stream according to the display mode on the OBD scanner (APP). Numerical parameters and state parameters. Numerical parameters are parameters with a certain unit and a certain range of variation. It usually reflects the working voltage, pressure, temperature, time, speed, etc. State parameters are those with only two working states, such as on or off, on or off, high or low, yes or no, etc. It usually represents the working state of the switch and solenoid valve in the electronic control device.

So that’s the relations between OBD scanner and real-time data streams.

OBD2 Scanner for iphone

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