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Best Mini OBD Diagnostic Code Scanner for OBD2 Car

FA-B18H is a hand shank type obd scanner. It supports WiFi communication and it is able to work with iOS, Android and Windows device. Its label is customizable and buyer can appoint content and color for the label. Both the appearance and firmware of the obd2 scanner are old version.
  • FA-B18H
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Instructions for Customized Order of OBD Scanner

FA-B18H is a customized version obd scanner. If you want to order the obd scanner with customized features, here are some instruction for your reference.

1. This OBD scanner supports WiFi connection, it does not support Bluetooth and USB connection. Please confirm which connection method is more popular with your customers. However, we suggest that you order both WiFi and Bluetooth to meet different needs of customers.

2. This WiFi OBD scanner supports Android, iOS and Windows devices. It has a wide range of compatibility. Compared with Bluetooth 2.0 version which does not support Apple devices, it has different customer.

3. The frequent customized features of the obd scanner are housing color and label. Most customers only make changes on the label content. This is relatively simple and cost saving.

4. If you need to add patten, words or logo on the case, it needs to develop new mold. Customer need to bear the cost of mold development.

5. As for customized label, customer can design it by yourself or request us to design for you. Design documents need to meet the printing requirements. It need to consider color mode, size and reserved position for indicator and so on.

6. If the customer has his own solution and needs to modify the PCB or replace some parts, it is also acceptable.

7. The packaging is also customizable according to customer requirements.


Main Parameters of FA-B18H Car OBD Scanner

Part number


Communication way


Supported Operation System

Android, Windows, iOS



Interface Type

16Pin OBD-II Male

Compatible vehicle

OBD-II complaint models

OBD Scanner Size


Output protocol

RS232 serial port

Baud rate


Working voltage

DC 9-16V

Working current


Supported OBD-II communication protocols

ISO15765-4/SAE, ISO14230-4(KWP2000), ISO9141-2, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM


WiFi Pair Code of Car OBD Scanner

Since the OBD scanner chooses WiFi as the communication mode, it will become a wireless device. The WiFi password of OBD scanner refers to the password required when it connects to other device. Such as mobile phones, iPads, computers and so on.

This WiFi password is not the router password. For retail purchase, users usually have a default pairing password, such as 1234 or 0000. If there is no user manual, or there is no relevant description in the manual, user can try the default password first. Or consult the seller.

If it is a customized order, WiFi is customizable according to the customer's requirements. It is better to attach user manual or connection demonstration for customized OBD scanner. In this way, users will not be troubled by password problems.

Some manufacturers or customers think that given password with the OBD scanner is troublesome. So they provide it without a password. But we don't appreciate that. Although password will bring trouble when using or testing, it can also ensure the security of equipment and data. So we suggest that customers order OBD scanner with WiFi password.

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