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BENZ 38Pin OBD1 To OBDii Automotive Diagnostic Cable

FA-DC-MB29 is an automotive diagnostic cable for old version Mercedes-Benz vehicles with 38pin interface. It is with OBD-II female connector and BENZ 38pin bent plug. We only use high quality material for the diagnostic cable. And we also accept customized materials.
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Product Parameters of FA-DC-MB29 BENZ Diagnostic Cable

Product Model


Port 1

OBD Female

Port 2

BENZ 38Pin Male

Supported vehicle

Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Working voltage


Default Color


Cable Length


Connector material

Plastic PA66, ABS, PC or customized

Jacket Material


Wire gauge

AWG 26~18

Contact parts

tinned, silver plated or nickel plated   copper or brass

Cable shape


Contact Resistance

<3 Ohm

Insulation Resistance

>5M Ohm

Operating Temperature

−25℃ ~ +85℃

Testing Voltage

DC300V 5M ohm/10ms

Warranty period

12 months

Packing way

Plastic bag/Carton

Note: There are many options for plastic parts and metal parts of the obd1 diagnostic cable. the material in the form is for reference. If the listed material is not the right one you want, please feel free to let us know your requirement.


PIN Assignment of FA-DC-MB29 OBD1 Diagnostic Cable

OBDii female connector

Mercedes-Benz 38Pin OBD1 male plug








1, Pin 4 and Pin 5 of the OBD2 female connector are connected together with a short wire. 

2, Buyer can appoint other pin definition for the Benz diagnostic cable.

3, As soon as the production line finished Pin assignment, we have no way to change it. So it is important to confirm the pin out before production.

4, It is better to confirm the pin definition with the drawing. So that it will be clear and not easy to make mistake.


Importance of Materials for Automotive Diagnostic Cable

Quality is the life of products. We have also repeatedly stressed that the quality of materials is very important for automotive diagnostic cable. So why we emphasize the importance of materials for automotive diagnostic cable?

Good materials have good high temperature resistance. No matter it is injection molding or welding assembly in production. Good material can withstand high temperature and avoid blistering;

In practice, vehicle generates heat. As a diagnostic cable used in vehicle, it must be able to withstand high temperature.

In addition, good materials have certain plasticity and elasticity. Not too hard and not too soft. It can ensure the plug-in force and matching of automobile diagnostic cable. It is not easy to drop during using if the matching performance is good. Or if the material is too hard, it may result in damage.

Good materials can also reduce production costs. If the material is not good, the diagnostic cable is easy to crack, resulting in high scrap rate. And it also wastes a lot of time to rework and deal with defective products. And increase working hours and assembly difficulty.

Good materials are also important for environmental pollution and workers' health. Qualified materials will not add additives that are not environmentally friendly or affect human health.

In addition, some additives may corrode the metal parts. There may be no problem at the beginning of use. But with the extension of use time, there may be poor contact or even short circuit.

Good materials are also easy to color. It has excellent color fastness at high temperature. So it can minimize color difference of automotive diagnosis cable. Especially for orders with specified color, it is important to use good material to meet customers’ requirement.

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